Coming Soon – Home Sewn Series

Brother Sewing Machine Giveaway

I'm so excited to finally be sharing! The entire month of March, Living with Punks is hosting a multi-faceted series focused on sewing for the home.  We will feature accomplished bloggers that you all know and love, along … [Read more...]

Tutorial: Simple Youth Overnight Bag


I love these bags for a quick trip to Grandma's house!  No need to lug out the rolling soup-cake (that's punk talk for suitcase)!  Just grab a few novelty T-Shirts and whip up a few!  Seriously, it's like one … [Read more...]

Tutorial: Tres Step Pillow


Did you know tres is Spanish for three?  True story. Sometimes I like to mix languages, just to keep you on your toes ;) There are essentially 3 steps to this pillow.  And one of them is cutting the fabric!   It … [Read more...]

Tutorial: Cheater Makeup Brush Roll


I'm a shortcut-taker as long as two things are certain: There will be no compromise in the outcome  The time saved is serious and saves me a major headache   Well, both of those get accomplished here! … [Read more...]

Tutorial: Reversible Double Stitched Napkins


Remember our Reversible Pom Trim Tablecloth? Well, we couldn’t just stop there!  We realized soon after the tablecloth was made that we were going to need  a few napkins to go with the whole look.  These napkins are … [Read more...]

Liesel Top and Wide Leg Pants


 I am lovin' this outfit combo!  It's a great ensemble for the Fall season and I look forward to making a few more of these Liesel Tops and Wide Leg Pants.  The big chunky crochet trim I … [Read more...]

Swagger: Olivia Top by CINO {with a giveaway}


I’m so happy to be a part of Jess’ Olivia Top and Dress Tour!  Jess and I started blogging about the same time and I feel like we kinda bloggy-grew-up together.  I love her style and endless energy, plus she has three of the … [Read more...]

Swagger: Bimaa Sweater


I hope you like the color blue!  Get ready for an overload… In her infinite 5-year old wisdom, little punk has made a fierce reversal on her opinion of the color!  But, it has to be the RIGHT color blue.  Navy … [Read more...]

Tutorial: Reversible Pom Trim Tablecloth


We’re like, totally into tea parties right now…This reversible pom trim tablecloth is customizable to any size you need, and the pom trim just sends it over the top into adorable overload.  Use it year-round for your … [Read more...]

Blank Slate Pattern Tour: The Cool Cardigan


Who can name that movie:  COP:“Pull over!”  DRIVER:“It’s a cardigan, but thanks for noticing”  COP:“Pull your vehicle to the side of the road!” That line was constantly going through my head when I was making this Cool … [Read more...]

DIY Costume: Flint Lockwood


We are Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs' Flint Lockwood fans over here, and we can’t wait to see what he does in Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 (coming out in theaters, September 27)! He's quirky and awkward and maybe … [Read more...]

Kindergarten Game Board Skirts


I’m sharing some Kindergarten goodies with you today as a part of Sewing Like Mad’s Sewing for Kindergarten Series!  I loved this idea for a series from the get-go….what a way to get some awesome inspiration :)  I … [Read more...]