Pow Wow Quilt


I started this Pow Wow quilt ages ago. Like, I've had two birthdays since I started it.  (You can see why it wasn't finished HERE) … [Read more...]

American Flag Quilt *TUTORIAL*


Oh say can you see? ….. I LOVE this quilt and I’m confident you will too!  Quilt designs are so subjective and everyone has their own tastes.  Some like traditional quilts, while others prefer modern, but the American Flag … [Read more...]

Swoon over the Rainbow


I’ve been on a color kick, yes? I have to be completely honest.  I hated did not like this quilt as I was making it!  Here’s the reason:  I did something I normally don’t do and used super cheap fabric for this quilt.  I had … [Read more...]

Made: Kaleidoscope Quilt


Another project for little punks room is done!  I can’ t tell you how much I love this quilt...  I actually took the time with this one to plan the fabrics and where they would be positioned.  I love scrappy quilts, but my … [Read more...]