Tutorial: Personalized Belt Buckle


Before being eliminated on PR&P earlier this year, I had already started on a concept for the Boy week.  My look was going to be called Preppy Punk  :) I never got around to showing any of you the few things I did … [Read more...]

DIY: Finish Line Centerpiece


I’m over at Momtastic today sharing another idea from my boys’ 9th birthday a few weeks ago.  It ties in with the Checkered Flag Banner that hung from our umbrellas.  It was a great party and the boys were so thrilled to … [Read more...]

DIY: Birthday Racing Pennant


My computer hard drive crashed over the weekend.  I was in tears until our awesome computer fix-it guy told me he could extract all my files, because you know…my life is on there.  I know… you don’t have to tell me “You … [Read more...]

Sew. Felt Sport Badges


With school starting, my mind turns to the onslaught of sports.  Our family is big into sports so we do the big 3 plus 2 more  :) After making the Mesh Activity Bags a few weeks ago, I thought it might be fun to add a … [Read more...]

OPP: Kitschycoo Hoodies {with discount}


   I was so excited to make these Kitschycoo hoodies!  I let my punks pick out their own fabric {hence the rainbow trout!}.  I like letting them choose their own fabric {sometimes}…it makes them feel more involved in the … [Read more...]

Tutorial: Ruff ‘n Tumble Scarf


I have alot of obsessions...I call them "my problems".  Right now, I have a scarf problem.  You can see my most recent mania here, here and here . Why not add to it, yah? I can't promise you that it's my last... This … [Read more...]

Guest Posting at WhipUp today!


I am so honored and excited to be guest posting at Whip Up today!  Go on over and check out THIS......And then come back and tell me what you think.....are you gonna make one?  They are super easy.  Like 15 … [Read more...]

Made: Lil Blue Boo Hoodies


Last week I made up atrio of hoodies for my punks. From an Igloo was having a sew-a-long and I thought I'd join in.... Sew-a-longs are so fun, especially when people post to a flickr group so you can see what everyone else … [Read more...]

Twin Punk Birthday


Last Saturday we had the Twin Punks birthday party over here...all in the midst of getting ready for school. They actually started their first day of 3rd grade on their birthday!! Our theme was B-A-S-E-B-A-L-L_!!!!  What … [Read more...]

Little Guy Ties


We had a special event we were attending last week....a somber, sad event.  Hubmiester's grandpa passed away.  Our family had become extremely close to him these past few years....  I knew I wanted to make … [Read more...]

Sewing for Baby Boy


I love sewing for babies!  It's so cool to think you are making something that a newborn will wear.  I always seem to take more care in how I handle the fabrics and in how I store it until it is done.  This … [Read more...]

It’s a Wrap!


I have been sewing my little heart out this week participating in Elsie Marley's Kids Clothes Challenge.  Basically it was a bunch of us nutjobs ladies trying to all get some sewing done, and why not do it … [Read more...]