Tutorial: Easy Bandana Shorts

Easy Bandana Shorts by Living with PunksI have an addiction to bandanas.  Not only can you find them in awesome prints and varying styles, but they also come in different sizes.  It’s like cheap, pre-hemmed fabric all waiting for you to use your imagination as to what to whip up.  I opted for shorts because this particular bandana was just the right size to use my Cabana Shorts Pattern on.

Easy Bandana Shorts by Living with PunksThe shorts are the perfect knee length for my 6 year old’s constant running and playing.  I guess they could be considered culottes if they were a little longer – so if your child wears size 3-5, these will still be great, just a tad longer.  And I think that is adorable anyway!  Another bonus:  They take all of 15 minutes to make!

Easy Bandana Shorts by Living with PunksLet’s get started!


What will you need?

Easy Bandana Shorts by Living with PunksIt’s real hard:

  • 2 washed bandanas (I used 18″ square for these, but you can always use larger bandanas for larger sizes)
  • 1/2″ elastic
  • sewing machine

Easy Bandana Shorts by Living with PunksFold each bandana over.  On the non-folded side, use this pattern piece  and cut the piece out as demonstrated above.  Cut out both bandanas


Easy Bandana Shorts by Living with PunksOpen up the cut bandanas so know you have these weird looking pieces.  Lay them on top of each other, right sides together and sew on the curve of each side. (stitch lines shown in yellow) using a 14″ seam


Easy Bandana Shorts by Living with PunksNow open up the pieces and orient them in a way that looks like shorts.  Stitch a 1/4″ seam in the crotch area (shown above)


Easy Bandana Shorts by Living with PunksNow fold over the top hem and create a  pocket for the waist elastic.  Leave about a 1″ opening to insert the elastic in the next step


Easy Bandana Shorts by Living with PunksMeasure your child’s waist (little punks is 20″) and add an inch.  Insert the elastic into the opening (attach a safety pin to push through easily) and pull through.  Once you get the elastic back to the opening, stretch it through and sew the two elastic pieces together.  Push up into the waistband and stitch the opening closed.


Easy Bandana Shorts by Living with PunksPull on your sweetie and let her loose!  They really are a breezy pair of shorts.  The bandana fabric is so soft and easy to move in your kids will be begging for more.  Oh, and they aren’t just for girls!  There are plenty of boy-friendly colors to choose from, even camo and moustaches!


Easy Bandana Shorts by Living with PunksDo you have a bandana addiction too?  Did I just feed your addiction?  Good… here are some more:

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Bandana Shorts

Have fun!


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