Fabricized Acrylic Tray

Fabricized Acrylic Tray

You know me…

I’ll put fabric on anything! It’s my motto…

Fabricized Acrylic Tray

I found these awesome acrylic trays on clearance at my local Home Goods and knew I could do something with them.  They were calling out for some fabulous fabric!

Fabricized Acrylic Tray

Fabricized Acrylic Tray

Now I just have to figure out how I want to use them.  I think I’m opting for the colorful pencils.  I use them all the time when sewing and they fit just perfect, so why not?  I’m right in the middle of remodeling my office/sewing studio.  Can’t wait to show you!  It’s turning out better than I ever imagined…

Fabricized Acrylic Tray

In the mean time, let’s figure out what else we could do with these….

OH!  How about a candy dish…


Get the full picture tutorial HERE 



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