Removable Laminated Chair Cushion

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Next up we have Rachael from Imagine Gnats.  She is the designer of some adorable patterns that I have had the privilege and sewing up (you can see my version HERE) and look forward to more goodness from her.  Today she is sharing with us a simple and useful way to put some stylish extra padding on the chair.  I love the laminate material she used because it will never get stained or dirty and will not wear out sooner than it should.  Plus, it has a zipper for easy washing.  She thought of everything!

Take it away Rachael!

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hello, Living with Punks readers! here from imagine gnats, and I’m excited to be sharing a super useful tutorial for a laminate chair cushion with zippered back.

this chair cushion is perfect for adding a little extra comfort to your desk or computer chair, or you could use it to spruce up the chairs around your dining room table. plus, the cover is removable so that you can replace the interior cushion if it wears out or wash your cover if desired.


Laminated Chair Cushion Tutorial

materials (for finished chair cushion 16″ square or smaller):
1/2 yard (or two fat quarters) of fabric for exterior. (shown here: Anna Maria Horner laminate for cushion top and upholstery fabric from Jo-Ann for cushion bottom)
1/2 yard Pellon® TP970 Thermolam® Plus Sew-In
one piece of densified batting, foam, or other cushion measuring at least the size of desired chair cushion (I used Soft n Crafty premium densified batting 15″ x 17″ x 1″)
18″ zipper
1 yd twill tape, cut into two pieces

1. trace the seat of your chair to create a pattern (do not add any seam allowance). find the center of your pattern and fold, making sure that it is symmetrical and trim as necessary. (or click here to download the generic chair cushion template). on your pattern, mark where you will want your twill tape to be attached when your cushion is sewn together.

2. cut out your foam or cushion the same size as pattern.

3. trace your pattern onto Thermolam®. cut out two layers, cutting approximately 1″ outside of traced line.

chair cushion tutorial 1

4. cut out fabric for cushion top the same size as Thermolam®.

5. fold pattern in half down center line. use this pattern piece to cut two pieces of fabric for cushion bottom. cut approximately 1″ outside of pattern around exterior. cut center seam exactly 1/2″ from pattern as shown.

chair cushion tutorial 2

6. machine baste cushion bottom pieces together with 1/2″ seam allowance along center (stitch as normal, but use the longest stitch length available on your machine).

7. press seam open.

chair cushion tutorial 3

8. place zipper so that the right side is facing the pressed seam and the zipper runs along the basted seam. the zipper should be fully zipped and extend off both sides of the fabric, with the zipper head on the cushion side that will sit at the back of the chair.

9. pin one side of zipper in place as shown.

chair cushion tutorial 4

10. turn cushion bottom so that the right side is facing you. with your zipper foot, stitch the unpinned side of the zipper. if you align the side of your zipper foot with the teeth of the zipper, your seam will be straight and well aligned with your seam and zipper.

11. remove pins and repeat step 10 for the other side of the zipper.

chair cushion tutorial 5

12. use your seam ripper to remove the basting stitches. check to make sure that your zipper works!

chair cushion tutorial 6

13. unzip the zipper so that the zipper head is not outside of the fabric. use a zigzag stitch to stitch the fabric together as shown. zip to make sure that your alignment is correct before moving to next step.

chair cushion tutorial 7

14. super important! unzip your zipper about halfway. trust me, this will save your sanity later when it’s time to turn your cushion right sides out.

15. place cushion top RST with cushion bottom, aligning centers.

chair cushion tutorial 8

16. place two layers of Thermolam® over the fabrics so that your traced line is visible and all layers are aligned.

chair cushion tutorial 9

17. transfer markings from pattern where the twill tape should be.

chair cushion tutorial 10

18. fold back top layers, pin twill tape into place, and check alignment. make sure that the length of the twill tape won’t be caught in any of the seams.

chair cushion tutorial 11

Laminated Chair Cushion Tutorial

19. pin through all layers, checking alignment.

20. stitch around entire cushion, 1/4″ outside of traced line.

chair cushion tutorial 13

21. very close to stitched line, stitch a second line where zipper begins and ends and where twill tape is attached to secure.

22. trim seam allowance. as you trim, hold scissors at an angle so that each layer is a slightly different length. this will help reduce bulk and make for smoother edges.

chair cushion tutorial 14

23. clip seam allowances around curves.

24. turn your cushion right sides out.

chair cushion tutorial 15

25. insert your foam or cushion. it will likely need a little gentle prodding to form the correct shape.

Laminated Chair Cushion Tutorial

chair cushion tutorial 17

26. zip up, and tie your new chair cushion onto your chair.

Laminated Chair Cushion Tutorial

Laminated Chair Cushion Tutorial

all that’s left is to take a seat and enjoy. thanks for having me, Susan!

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    Hey! This tutorial is great. I was looking to make some chair cushions for the chairs in my kitchen. Perfect timing! Thank you

  2. says

    I’ve been wanting to do something for my sewing chair. It’s in good shape right now, but I don’t want to wait until it’s totally thrashed. Plus, it’s beige … this is the perfect solution!

  3. auschick says

    Good idea to use laminated fabric! I actually have that fabric too – I use it to catch the food my toddler drops at meal time!

  4. Debbie says

    I would love to win this Brother CS6000 Sewing Machine. My current sewing machine is old, and has seen better days. I would love to sew quilts, tote bags, and home decor on a new machine.

  5. Sarah says

  6. Katherine says

    I have so many ideas for spring to make and I would love a sewing machine that is not “temperamental”


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