Faux Animal Pelt Tutorial

Here we go people!  Our series has started and it is shaping up to be a fabulous event already.  We have some talented bloggers working on the best goods for your home! HS graphic 700 I’m kicking off the event with a Faux Animal Pelt.  Have you seen animal pelts being used in home decor the past few years?  I love them and I think they can be an artsy addition to any room.  They can be pricey however, and if you aren’t in to having a once living animal displayed on your floor, you can just make your own!  I used upholstery fabric and a bit of trim and created an interesting addition to our foyer.  I can’t wait to show you… Faux Animal Pelt Faux Animal Pelt   Faux Animal Pelt I love this project.  It was really fun and easier than it might look.  The longest portion was adding the trim to the edges, but really nothing big.  Don’t panic over the cutting – I’ve come up with a pretty easy solution to ensure the pelt comes out exactly as you want it.


Faux Animal Pelt


Faux Animal Pelt Lay out your fabric with it folded so your selvages are together.  Use THIS METHOD to square up your fabric if needed, which is more than likely.   Faux Animal Pelt Lay your Faux Animal Pelt Template on your fabric for a point of reference.  Using your yarn, start manipulating the yarn into the pelt form.  Step back and make sure the shape is just how you want it.  Again, the tempalte is there fo ryou to use as a guide of the silhouette you want.   Faux Animal Pelt Lay some books on the fabric so it doesn’t shift   Faux Animal Pelt Use your marker and trace just outside of the yarn   Faux Animal Pelt Remove the yarn and cut out the pelt.  Keep the books or weights on the fabric until you are done with the cutting so the fabric doesn’t shift.   Faux Animal Pelt Yay!  All cut out :)   Faux Animal Pelt Take your pelt over to your sewing machine and sew on the bias tape, stitching close to the edge.  Just sandwich the tape right over the raw edge and sew in place.  Simple, simple.

Faux Animal Pelt

All Done!  Such a fun addition to our home!  I can totally see this for a kid’s room using some really fun fabric and bright bias tape!   Faux Animal Pelt

Extra bonus is to find a reversible fabric!  Two rugs in one.  I can change it on a whim!

Make sure to use a non-slip rug pad under the rug.  It will stabilize the Faux Animal Pelt and will ensure a longer life.

Since you can see my Living Room in the photos above, you can take a peek my recent LIVING ROOM MAKEOVER post, too!


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  1. Karen Lewis says

    Never would have thought of that! Good Idea! I live by the lake and this project would work out great at the lake house.

  2. Lara says

    it’s an awesome rug that could easily be custom made for different tastes. I love the give away as well.

  3. Jane Riddles Sheffler says

    Always love following what your doing! I want to make a pink one for my daughters room! I think I'm going to use some fake fur and color the tips a bit! She'll love it!

  4. Melanie W. says

    I’ve actually been thinking of buying a new machine (mine is breaking down), so this is really great!

  5. Mary says

    I admire how creative you are. You are great at adapting things. You work hard. I appreciate that you explain what you’re doing so well to inspire us! Thanks!

  6. Katie grem says

    I’m just starting to take on sewing and winning this giveaway would substantially upgrade my “tools”

  7. Stephanie Angelino Baxter says

    great project! I would love to learn how to sew. I've got so many ideas but can't get them out! can't wait to be able to learn :)

  8. Shelly Rhodes says

    I love entering to win stuff, and I could use either of these things! thanks for hosting this giveaway, and love your blog!

  9. felicia says

    I love it all, I am working my way through the sewing projects, and just entered the giveaway(well I hope I did it right!). Lovely blog, thanks.


  1. […] Susan from Living With Punks kicks off her Home Sewn series with a tutorial showing how to make a faux animal pelt rug.  Instead of fur (either faux or real), she used upholstery weight fabric.  A bonus to her was that the weave of the fabric created a reverse design on the back, making it a reversible rug.  Use a non-slip pad under the rug to keep it in place.  Go to Living With Punks for the tutorial. […]

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