Tutorial: Tres Step Pillow

Tutorial: Tres Step Pillow

Did you know tres is Spanish for three?  True story.

Sometimes I like to mix languages, just to keep you on your toes Tutorial: Tres Step Pillow

There are essentially 3 steps to this pillow.  And one of them is cutting the fabric!  

It doesn’t get much easier than that, right? 

Tutorial: Tres Step Pillow

Plus, it’s completely washable and interchangeable, so you can change your look on a whim.  Just think – in the morning you can have striped pillows on your couch, and by the afternoon you can have a living room full of floral. 

Tutorial: Tres Step Pillow

Or whatever floats your bote’.  

Yep.  I did it again. 

Tutorial: Tres Step Pillow

I’m sure after seeing how easy it is, you’ll want to hop in the car, run to the fabric store and make like 12 of them.  I promise.

Supplies for an 18″ square pillow cover


Tutorial: Tres Step Pillow

Step 1:  Cut your fabric:

  • 1 piece 19″ x 19″
  • 2 pieces 19″ x 13″
Tutorial: Tres Step Pillow
Step 2:  Press the 19″ side of the 2 smaller pieces over 1 inch towards the wrong side.  Press over another 1 inch and sew a stitch to close the hem.
Tutorial: Tres Step Pillow
Step 3:  Place the 19″ square piece face up.  Place the other two hemmed pieces face down on the 19″ square.  The hemmed part of the fabric will be in the middle of the pillow and will overlap. [above pic shows the fabric peeled back for demo].  Pin and sew all the way around the outer edges with a 1/2″ seam allowance.
Tutorial: Tres Step Pillow
Turn and stuff with your pillow form!
Tutorial: Tres Step Pillow
Tutorial: Tres Step Pillow
Tutorial: Tres Step Pillow
Extend the usage of your cute fabric and only use it for the front of the pillow.  Use a coordinating, less expensive solid canvas for the back pieces.
For larger pillow sizes, just add an inch to the totals : For a 20″ pillow, cut 1-21″ square and 2-21″x 14″ pieces, etc.    
Now go sew you some


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    What is your sewing machine preference? Or what are you currently using? I am shopping around and I am boggled by the options and brands. It’s been about 7yrs since my last Halloween costume :)

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