2013 Fabric Calendar

2013 Fabric Calendar at Living with Punks

Happy New Year!

If you are an organization freak like me, then that means you are probably into calendars too!  I think it’s the structure of days and months on the wall that makes me happy…

This is a real simple way to bring two of my loves,  fabric and calendars, together into one harmonious explosion of color…

2013 Fabric Calendar at Living with Punks

Spoonflower, the online design-your-own-fabric source, holds contests every week and lucky for us, one of the weeks is to design a calendar each year in the context of a tea towel.  Most designers layout their design in a fat quarter orientation, so it makes it especially simple to see the layout and find an awesome frame for it (more on that later)…

2013 Fabric Calendar at Living with Punks

I placed mine into a frame and am hanging it up in the house.  I opted to keep the glass off so the texture of the fabric shows a bit more.  I purchased the frame (18×20) HERE. I couldn’t find that size locally so was forced to buy it online.  The price was pretty inexpensive and I figure I can use it every year since I know the size of the calendar will be the same every year… Win-Win!

Here’s how I achieved this look:

2013 Fabric Calendar at Living with Punks

The fat quarter come shipped like this.  I ordered mine in the linen/canvas option to have a sturdier fabric.  Obviously, it is wrinkled all to heck, so whip out the iron….

2013 Fabric Calendar at Living with Punks

I actually had to use quite a bit of starch to get the creases out.

2013 Fabric Calendar at Living with Punks

Centering the fabric and adjusting from the front and back, place the fabric onto the cardbaord.  Press it down into the frame and use your fingers to adjust the fabric where needed.  Make sure to tug tight to make sure none of the fabric is puckered in the front.  Press the tabs down to secure.  You could opt to tape the excess fabric  down too.

2013 Fabric Calendar at Living with Punks

Hang in your home and have a great year!

Here is the link to Spoonflower so you can pick out your own calendar!

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