Sweat Shop Revamp

Sweat Shop RevampThis is going to be a before and after post…without the before!  I did take pictures of the sad before, but in the meantime I did something I haven’t done in a year… cleared my camera of its memory.  I even checked before I did to make sure I wasn’t deleting anything I needed….guess I pay attention about as good as my kids!  Ha!

Sweat Shop RevampMy laundry room is not all that.  It’s narrow and just deep enough to hold my washer/dryer and freezer all in a row.  It makes for easy furniture arranging for us undecideds  Sweat Shop Revamp

Sweat Shop RevampIt does sport a deep sink on the other wall that I love.  It holds lots of stinky smelly athletic boy clothes…until they can be washed…which is sometimes days!  I got the hubs to install a closet rod in between the cabinets for hanging clothes that can’t get shrunk dried in the dryer.  I love it!  It’s great for bathing suits in the summer too!  And because it’s right over the sink, it doesn’t matter if it drips.
I got the photo poster of the three punks from Costco.  It’s a 16×20 and it was CHEAP!  So cheap, that I won’t feel a bit guilty when I get sick of it and want to change it up with something else :)….Although, I just can’t imagine ever getting sick of looking at those three!

Sweat Shop RevampFor those of you who guessed as to the next two words from my Faux Metal Letter Tutorial, Alison got it right with Wash. Dry. Fold.  I do like Andrea’s version though…Wash. It. Yourself. 

Sweat Shop RevampThe three punks each have their own basket now and once it’s full, they are responsible to get their own clothes put away.  That is my one downfall, or shall I say one of many downfalls, of doing laundry.  I DESPISE putting it away.  I don’t mind sorting, washing, drying and folding…but putting away?  I’d rather do something else.  Like go to the dentist.  Which part do you hate the most?

Sweat Shop RevampStill loving these Time-Zone Clocks too!  

Sweat Shop RevampI added this oversized basket and filled it with little yellow flowers to offset the hardness of the metal letters.  I love the little extra dose of cuteness.  I have high hopes that it will brighten the mood whilst folding.
Sweat Shop Revamp
Have you spruced up your laundry room to make life a little more bearable?  Do tell…


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  1. says

    I will wash and dry and put away but…. Truly…. I hate to fold.

    I can neither confirm nor deny the fact that there might be clean clothes on my love seat on the loveseat from a week ago that still need foldes.


    However we live in the worlds smallest apartment and there is no closet so everything has to be folded. Whine whine whine!

  2. says

    Your laundry room looks great — wonderful use of your space! I really like those time zone clocks. I have spruced up our laundry room, but haven’t gotten the post put together yet. It could happen this week –?

  3. says

    Looks so good in there! the part I despise about laundry is the word you left off of the wall- REPEAT. Feel like I’m constantly doing it.
    great metal-look letter tutorial too…..

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