Colorful Chronological Clocks

Who ever said color was out?


I battle with bright color sometimes.

I don’t want it to be too sophomoric-looking in my house.  I like a sophisticated house.  I’m all about sophistication…comfortable, livable sophistication, that is.

As I was in the checkout line at Target, buying 4 white clocks with these bright colors in my head, I saw the new Martha Stewart magazine…have you seen it?


How adorable with her little granddaughter, right?  Martha’s totally rockin’ those skinny jeans!
Click HERE to see the full Laundry Room HERE


I was inspired by Mandy and pinned this as soon as I saw them.  I love the wood.  I love the color.  I love the time-zones.

Now, call it DIY fatigue or just sippin’ on the real-i-tea, I knew I was not going to get those made.  The saw(s) involved, the clock thingy…it was gonna send me over the edge.  (actually, she hasn’t even posted a tutorial for them yet…so, I don’t know what’s involved, but knowing Mandy it will be craptastic!)

So, I did it the easy way and couldn’t be more pleased! 

Even hubs said they looked ‘cool’.  He has a thing about quizzing us all about what time it is in different time zones…who knows?  Well, now we will know at least know 4!

Need to know what time it is on London?  Hong Kong?  Totally call me and I’ll tell ya  😉

If you want to be a time-zone whiz too, just follow along:




Cheap, white clock.  These were 6.99

Acrylic paint and brush

Masking tape

Vinyl Letters.  Found these in the scrapbooking area.




Obvious:  Paint the thing.

I didn’t tape off the face…you can just be careful.  If you happen to get a bit of paint on it, this paint is very forgiving and will come off with a q-tip.




The red clock?  I had to layer on three coats.  The other colors, only 2!




I didn’t get real scientific with the measurements.  I just ran a piece of tape across the top of the 8 and 4, just below the spot where all the hands are mounted.  This helps keep your letters straight.




Find the middle letter(s) of your word.   Place them right below the clock hand mechanism. 



Work your way out until you have arrived at the word.  Don’t give yourself an aneurism trying to spell it backwards and forwards at the same time.  Trust me.  It’s not worth it.  Write. it. down.




Here they are hung in the Laundry Room.  I love them!  The kids are seriously excited to see what time it is on the other side of the world.  It’s just weird to think about other people going out to dinner, or sacked out in bed, when we are just getting up! 

Oh! And you can check out my Faux Metal Letters that I made for the Laundry Room HERE

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  1. says

    Hot dog, orange skinny jeans no less!

    This is great, color can be sophisticated.. says the girl on a quest to stop using red and brown as her safety colors!

  2. says

    Those clocks are super cute…and would be seriously helpful in my life! Our family lives in Kenya!! My hubby is with the US State Department. I’m always trying to figure out what time it is at home where our families live… maybe I should make some clocks…

  3. says

    OMGosh, I need to do this. Our family moved from Toronto to Vancouver 3 years ago and we still have fun thinking about what time it is where their friends and family are. This would be a reminder every day. Thanks for the awesome idea!

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