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DSC_5043I consider Andrea from The Train to Crazy to be one of my very good bloggy buddies.  We’ve been friends for years over the computer and then finally got to meet last year at the SoCal Social…  Had a blast! She’s just one of those girls that you feel you could sit and talk and laugh with for hours….and never get bored!
Well, the mom of four little ones just released her very first pattern, the Go To Signature Dress pattern!  I was ecstatic for her to take the leap with designing her own patterns.  And let me tell you, not only can she sew….she can design!  This dress has so many options.  You could make a different version every day for three weeks, and still have more ways to make it…

It has 3 lengths, 7 sleeve options, 4 pocket styles, plus a hood option.  She also gives you templates for elbow patches and appliques!   The version I chose was the knee length dress, with cap sleeves and ribbed pockets.   Once I had it finished and put it on the little punk, I couldn’t help but notice the total Hanna Andersson feel…just a well-made, carefree and innovative design that will never go out of style…
DSC_5024I love these pockets!  They were a cinch to construct and Andrea’s instructions and step-by-step pictures are easy to follow.  Little punk couldn’t wait to shove her paws into them.  Remember, if you don’t like these, there are 3 other types, or leave them off all together!

DSC_5052I think my favorite part of the pattern is the ribbed neckline and ribbed cap sleeves.  I had never constructed a neckline the way that Andrea’s pattern does, and I tell you I will probably never go back.   It was easy to get right….and look at how professional it looks!  Love, Love, Love!

DSC_5129Did I tell you the pattern goes all the way up to a size 12?  12mo-12y.  When does that ever happen?  It’s awesome to buy a pattern and you can sew it for years to come, and I guarantee a 12 year old WILL want to wear this dress…especially the maxi length!

DSC_4992…Shoot, I wish it was in my size!

Go get your own Go To Signature Dress pattern and get to work!!
There are lots of other bloggers test-driving this pattern for Andrea if you’d like to see how they made theirs too!  I always love to see how others have interpreted a pattern, especially this one because there are so many possibilities…


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    Thanks for your version of the new ‘Go To Dress’ pattern! I love the cap sleeves! After waiting for many years for our daughter to arrive, I am now enjoying sewing for her so much – and this pattern has so many possibilities!

  2. says

    What a great version of the dress you made. I think the pockets are great, I know my girl would love pockets like that to collect all kinds of treasures in (some of which I don’t want to find when putting the dress into the laundry, but let’s not go there right now ;-))

    Very cute!

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