Sunki Dress

DSC_3885Do you find a pattern first, and then buy the fabric?  Or do you find the fabric first and then hunt down the perfect pattern?  I’d have to say that I’m the buy the pattern and go and find the perfect fabric kinda girl.  The kind that hops in the car the instant I see a pattern and goes on a search…and can’t rest until I find it…which usually isn’t too long  😉

I had been dying to make this Sunki dress from Figgy’s.  It is so fresh and modern and I especially loved that the pocket inserts allowed for so much design.  I really like the dress on the cover of the pattern using all one fabric, but thought it would be fun to change up the pocket panels.  So, as soon as I spied the pattern, I grabbed little punk and we went on a ride across town to find the perfect fabric…
DSC_3861I ran into this madras plaid at Hancock’s and fell in love.  Rarely do you find a plaid girly enough for cuteness, but this one had just the right amount of feminine colors that we just had to buy it.  Little punk is really into pink right now (ya’ think?), so as long as it has a hint of pink, she’s ecstatic.  The black/white gingham was a no-brainer complimentary fabric to add just enough contrast to the panels, yet stay completely true to the madras feel of the outfit.

DSC_3919The pattern has so many tailored features, something I love now that I have become more experienced in sewing.  Sometimes, I need a challenge to keep me interested 😉   The overlapped bodice at the shoulders is a smart addition and the puckered sleeves is a darling alternative to the common gathered sleeve….it’s just nice to look at!

DSC_3917As you can see, the dress is easy to move and play in.  Definitely a versatile dress that can be used for play or transitioned into a Sunday dress when needed. 


Here’s my official review:

PatternSunki Dress by Figgy’s   **BONUS:This pattern includes a leggings pattern too!** (not pictured)
Skill Required:  Intermediate
Cost:  $16
Fabric used:  Madras plaid and black/white gingham (Hancock’s)  Total Cost:  $10
Other notions: Zipper and a bit of interfacing
Pattern Sizing:  18m-8/9  (I cut size 4/5) Next time, I may lengthen the dress a bit too.
True to size?:  Runs a bit small
Paper or Download:  Paper  (which I am having a renewed love affair with)
Instructions easy to follow?:  Yes! Although there are some assumed steps which made me rate it intermediate
Alterations?:  Sleeve length variations are included.  I made 3/4. 
Will you use this pattern again?:  Yes!.  Already have the fabric chosen (surprise!).  This one will be made with only one fabric…will show the results once I get it made
What do you love most about it?:  The pockets.  They truly are a special part of this dress.  Not only are they functional, but the design possibilities get me excited  :)

So, do you love this pattern too?  Have you made it yet?  Leave me a comment and let me know your thoughts  :)
I’m also linking this post to KCWC Flickr pool at Elsie Marley.  Check it out!  Lot’s of cool clothes being made this week  :)
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  1. says

    love this pattern! i have one made and a second cut out. def needed to add some length for my 7yo, but other than that i thought the fit was quite good. the pocket explanation on the figgy’s blog was a big help as well :) love your version!

  2. says

    Super cute dress! Love it!
    I posted a question in the discussion on the Cabo Sew-a-long….I know it is late so I didn’t know if you saw it. I was curious about your opinion on 2 things….the fit at the shoulders & puckering at the zipper. Just curious what you thought?
    Thanks so much!
    Leigh Anne

  3. says

    I’d agree with everything you said about the pattern, it sounds pretty much like what I said about the one I made (though your review is more comprehensive!). I’ll definitely make it again though – well I have to as the first one was too small despite the fact my daughter’s measurements put her in to the 6/7 size. I’m interested in Leigh Anne’s comment above too, as I thought it was must be my (usually good) zipper insertion skills that led to the way the top sat, but I see yours does the same thing and clearly hers does too. I also found the pockets rather shallow, so I’ll make them larger next time. It’s such a neat pattern though, you can forgive any minor niggles!

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