Finito: Natalie’s Room

Finito: Natalie’s Room

Finito: Natalie’s RoomAll done!  You know, I’ve been thinking… this blog thing really keeps one accountable to finish what you started.  I’d bet my life that this room would have sat another year or two with one or two things not being done.  Like, I’m sure I would’ve made an excuse to not finish the curtains…or even start them for that matter, because I was scared I’d mess them up…

Finito: Natalie’s RoomBut, I knew I had to buckle down and finish because I told you guys I would.  Funny how that works, huh?  Sometimes we need just that little extra push to get it done.

Finito: Natalie’s RoomI wish I had taken before pictures.  It was quite sad.  Poor girl being the third child and all, didn’t get much hoopla for her room… But, now we’re all jealous!    I kept the wall color the same as her nursery (If you can all it that).  It’s a great green that goes with anything.  The sky painted ceiling is also a remnant of when her brothers resided in this room. 

Finito: Natalie’s RoomArt collage above her kitchen and play area.

Finito: Natalie’s RoomThe Bookshelves are still my favorite part

Finito: Natalie’s RoomThe little chair was my moms when she was little.  I love that Natalie has it now!   The lamp was purchased at Lowes and I added a simple grosgrain ribbon to the top and bottom of the shade using double stick tape

Finito: Natalie’s RoomThis is an old maple nightstand I found on Craigslist and painted.  I added the back fabric with Mod Podge and found it made a perfect nap spot for the kitty  :)  Tutorial HERE

Finito: Natalie’s RoomDid ever mention I have lamp issues?  Yep.  I buy them like I used to buy shoes!    I couldn’t resist this stacked pachyderm lamp with the polka dot shade I found at Home Goods

Finito: Natalie’s RoomThese mirrored hooks I found on clearance at Joann’s several months ago.  I love the vintage feel and they are perfect for her ever growing apron population

Finito: Natalie’s RoomSpeaking of aprons, I whipped up this ruffly little number that matches all the fabrics in her quilt and floor pillow.  She cooks in it all the time  Finito: Natalie’s Room

Finito: Natalie’s RoomThe ironing board got a facelift using THIS fabric

Finito: Natalie’s RoomI stitched a sun and cloud motif on some blue felt and hooped it for her art collage wall

Finito: Natalie’s RoomI also hooped up some regular ol’ fabric. easy. cheap. color!

Finito: Natalie’s RoomThe button knobs kill me.  I love them.  I actually didn’t buy them at first on account of my flaky un-decidedness and then had a sinking panic feeling when I got home, so the next day went back to Joann’s to pick them up.  They add so much fun and color to an otherwise boring dresser.

Finito: Natalie’s RoomThe dresser was one of the major purchases.  I looked for months and didn’t find anything I liked, so I broke down and ordered it from Costco.   The drawers glide so nicely and the finish is fabulous!

Finito: Natalie’s RoomThe curtains were the last of my projects because it took me For.Ev.Er to pick out the fabric.  But, I couldn’t be happier.  The shape of the print, the colors, it pulls the whole room together.

Finito: Natalie’s RoomThe hodge podge of letters came out just the way I envisioned it.  You can see all the tutorials HERE

Finito: Natalie’s RoomThe floor cushion fabrics are what set the mood for the entire room

Finito: Natalie’s RoomThe modern table and chairs were purchased at 

Finito: Natalie’s RoomAnd it is always stocked with treats.  And tea.  We drink a lot of tea ‘round these parts  Finito: Natalie’s Room

Here’s some more links for ya:

Finito: Natalie’s RoomFloor Cushion        Bookshelves         Silhouette         Quilt        Butterflies
Finito: Natalie’s RoomHeadboard        Ruffle Euro Shams        Butterflies      Heart Silhouette
Finito: Natalie’s RoomWalking on Sunshine Art          Doily Embroidery             Butterflies
Finito: Natalie’s Room
Finito: Natalie’s Room

Hope you enjoyed the room tour

Thanks for stopping by!
Finito: Natalie’s Room


UPDATE:  After all the emails I got regarding the color of her walls, I tracked down the old can!!  Although I don’t have the name of the color, they did label it with the color combination they used to create it.  The brand is BEHR…hope this picture helps!
Finito: Natalie’s Room

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  1. says

    I think it looks so fanciful and fun. You did great with all the little accents and such. Small details bring such pizazz.

  2. says

    This room is absolutely perfect. I’m glad you have pictures to remember what it looks like clean….if she’s anything like my girls, her enjoyment of this room will overwhelm the design. I love this about little girls.

  3. says

    WOW, Susan, this room is incredible. I love how eclectic it is……..that takes serious talent to pull off. The details are amazing. You should be very proud! Awesome job – thanks for sharing this with us!

    Have a great day,

  4. says

    Just beautiful! I know that curtain fabric – Annie Selke – love, I could have my whole house in our fabric – your daughter must be so happy in her room

  5. says

    I am obsessed with this room I have a bonus room that needs help it’s really a catch all so it needs something that has lot’s of character and this room is so fun. I love the kitty at the foot of her bed. It’s so great to finish a room I usually walk by and flip the light on just to admire it some more ;) and your not alone on the lamp obsession I had to STOP my self yesterday from buying another one….I have a lamp graveyard in my closet just waiting for something fabulous :D So inspired you did a great JOB!

  6. says

    i love everything in Natalie’s room! Especially the elephant lamps!!!! Great details to add those final touches to the room. What a happy little girl she must be!

  7. says

    What a fabulous room! I love the fabrics and your mix of all the textures. And you are lucky to have a handy hubby. Mine would sever his arm if he tried to saw anything!

  8. says

    This is seriously the CUTEST little girl’s room i’ve seen. I adore all the colors and the way you mixed patterns and things. So stinkin’ cute!

  9. says

    So many amazing details! It so perfect. Full of love! I like the fact that you incorporated the kid stuff (ironing board) etc. Beautiful & eclectic. And fun.

    I found you on Pinterest and included your room on a gallery of little girl rooms on my blog today. :)

  10. says

    Gotta love Pintrest! This is the exact inspriration I needed for my 2 1/2 year old’s room make-over.
    What is the paint color of the room?

  11. says

    I just saw this on pinterest and had to check out the whole room, beautiful! I am sure your daughter loves it! I actually purchased 2 of those shelves years ago for a few bucks from Ikea, I wish they still had them. Great job!!!

  12. says

    I want that room!!!!! …I’m 19- is that weird? I have flying butterflies in my walls too, in the corners where the walls meet the ceiling.
    Seriously, I would totally live in this room…it’s so cheerful!

  13. says

    Susan – that is the cutest room EVER! Looks like something you would find in the most upscale model home! If that’s what #3′s looks like, I can’t wait to see the rest of your home! Can’t wait to spend some time browsing!!

    Jaye @ Just Tryin’ to Make Cents of it All

  14. says

    I’m about to have my first girl (third child!) and this room has absolutely inspired me! I am in LOVE with that wall color! Could you please tell me what it is?? I NEED it for her nursery :)
    Thank you!

  15. says

    I have spent the last hour looking through your blog. I must say, you are an amazing DIY-er. I think I’m going to try the jelly roll floor pillow tomorrow. Thank you for sharing :)

  16. says

    I love everything you did here! Thank you for the inspirations. Beautiful curtains, cushion, shams and just love the lamp details. Vivid and serene yet fun all over!

  17. says

    Susan, you do a wonderful job of explaining so many of the things in the room. What about the blue quilt and the yellow standard shams? I am looking at things online to buy to mimic, but am not sure if I can trust the color from pictures online. Any advice? Alison

  18. Debbie says

    Took my tablet to HD and showed them the paint info from the can. They said that 2 yrs ago they swit hed to low voc colorings/paint and that they could not use those numbers any longer, wouldn’t be the same. Did you happen to remember the name cor the wall color?


  19. says

    Hey! I'm matching my three daughters' bedrooms to Natalies and I wanted to share that I recently took the Behr paint code you posted to Home Depot but since they have changed their 'green color' formula, it came out way to minty. I found the closest match at Sherwin Williams, color Waterscape. Just wanted to let ya'll know in case other moms are as obsessed with this room as I am!

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