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I gave you guys a sneek peek of these bookshelves when I posted about the Jelly Roll Floor Cushion, and had already planned to have the room completed by now.  In the finished post, I was going to tell you all about these shelves…but, alas…it’s the room that keeps on going.

But, all the emails and questions about the shelves have been haunting me, so I’m just gonna do a full post on them lest it never get done!  Because goodness knows when I’m going to have this room completed  😉

Don’t be alarmed at the gap in the back there.  We have hand-troweled plaster and it causes the walls to be uneven.  The thing is up there and doesn’t budge. 

Call me a girl, but anytime there is wood or power tools involved, I get hubs to help me.  Well, really I just say “Here, see this?  Can you make it for me?”  And then he does.  Kinda like when he helped me with the Diamond Tufted Headboard.  Ya, I like him for that  :)


So, I showed him THIS post of these awesome shelves.  We followed the concept, but made our dimensions to fit our needs.  We also didn’t use wood glue (the whole waiting issue) and just used finish nails to build them.  We added a bit of wood filler to fill in the tiny holes from the nails.   After they were built, I thought they were a bit too square, so I had hubs use a sander and kinda rounded the hard edges on both sides of the front ledge and front of the high back ledge.

After they were built, I brushed on a high gloss white paint.  (see, I did something!)


It’s the SMARTEST part of the room.  I mean, look at that!  The books are not all crammed on a bookshelf, where you have to squint to see the spines.  The books aren’t all knocked over, just splayed all over the bookcase and I don’t have to spend 2 hours a day putting all the books back in their place on account of my OCD.

It’s easy to see the titles and actually encourages reading.  The colorful books are just a reach away for tiny hands to explore…

Just a note:  You might be thinking that I may be picking these books off the floor day in and day out, but really, I don’t.  Sometimes I have to arrange them to my liking, but they stay on the shelves and really look good in any order.  That’s the beauty of the random heights of the books!

Thanks for listening… I hope this was helpful  :)

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  1. says

    My husband recently built me similar face-out book shelves and I NEED one of those floor cushions. That is so so gorgeous. It is definitely going on my project list. Thank you so much for the inspiration.

  2. says

    love it! Use a lot for ideas. she is amazing! I am officially the handy “man” since my husband became disabled… boy is it liberating. My mother is so impressed… she asked me yesterday “is there anything you can’t do” :)

  3. says

    I am absolutely in love with this look! Plus, I’m trying to justify stealing the glass-fronted bookshelves I re-finished for my son’s room. They’d just be perfect in my NEW (yes, I’m excited) craft room. Unfortunately, I am without a very handy guy or any wood working tools to speak of. What do you think of using gutters as the shelves? Similar profile, easy to spray whatever color I want, and lightweight. Can’t wait to hear what you guys think… I really want that bookshelf!

  4. says

    how far apart did you space the shelves? it looks like the perfect amount of space! my husband made similar shelves – i think i made them a little bit too close.

  5. says

    I just fell in love with these shelves and had finally talked hubby into helping me make them. We have them up in my sons room and Im so giddy with excitement over them! LOVE, love, LOVE them! I spaced every 16″ with my tallest book being around 12″.
    Thank you for sharing!

    • Susan says

      If you click the link to the original tutorial, it will show you exactly the process to hang them on the wall :)

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