Made: Diamond Tufted Headboard


I had a vision in my mind about what type of headboard I wanted for little punk’s room… and I wasn’t stopping until I had it!  This headboard was quite the project, but I would definitely do it again…the reward is worth it!


I scoured Pinterest, and the internet in general, for a DIY and found this one to be the most in-depth and useful.  Her details were awesome!  My design was much different so I had to improvise, but the general knowledge from her tutorial was priceless.


Here’s how I made mine:


I drew my template onto craft paper.  You’ll see here I only drew one side…


Then folded it over and cut it out on the line, so it stayed straight and symmetrical


Cut out the template and traced it onto plywood, then let hubs cut it out with some sort of saw.


Next, I purchased 2” upholstery foam from Joann’s (use a coupon…that stuff is expensive!) and cut it to the shape of my plywood and spray glued it in place.


Sorry, my lines are dull in this picture and I changed to highlighter to mark them after a while, but basically, I drew lines every 8” horizontally and vertically.  This was probably the most time consuming part for me.  Once you have all your lines (straight!) then you make a mark right in the middle of the boxes that were created when you made the lines.  This mark will be the diamond part of the tuft


After drilling each hole at the intersection and diagonal mark with a drill bit, you have to use some sort of device (we used the end of a sprinkler head where the threads are for sharpness) to make the 1” cut outs for the buttons to sink into


Speaking of buttons, I covered 54 of these suckers… the thumb hurt that night!


Here is my first button going in!!  I was scared…  I procrastinated for days before doing this step, but after we got it in, it was smooth sailing…


I convinced hubs this would be a perfect activity for us one night when we were kid-free and football was on the tube.  You definitely need help with this step.  To tuft the whole thing took the both of us about 2.5 hours to complete


Staple the back and leave a date so when you pull it off the wall years from now you can say “Wow…it was that long ago when we did that!”


There it is ready to go… we used this to hang it.  I bought it and hubs was skeptical, but he was amazed at how sturdy and easy it was to hang


What do you think?


You gonna make one? 

I priced these online and they range from $500-$1200.  I tallied our bill at about $100 plus some elbow grease…

But, we get to say… “We made it”        &       That makes it all worth it!
Click HERE to see a tour of the completed room!

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  1. says

    AMAZING!!! I’ve been wanting to do the same thing for my little one’s big girl room (that is when I finally get my rear around to doing it). The way you did it makes so much sense! Seeing this is just what I needed to get me motivated 😀

  2. says

    I used a faux leather type material….it was super cheap ($5/yard) but that was in downtown LA in the fabric district. But saw something similar at Joann’s.

    Yes, we drilled through the foam and plywood first using a drill bit to make the holes for the button cord to go through. Then after the hole is drilled, you make the bigger hole only through the foam so the button will be inset. Hope that make sense!

    Thanks for all the comments!

  3. says

    Hi , your headboard looks great. I am working on one for my daughter’s room. I have a question about how did you make the holes in foam? They look so perfect and clean cut. What kind of tool did you use?
    I am almost there where you are ready to make holes in foam, but would like to wait for your reply before starting.

  4. says

    I LOVE your headboard!!! I’m moving in a week and I’ve purchased my board for the headboard and my fabric (white vinyl) already. I was thinking about doing a nailhead trim, but after looking at this I think I like the tufted look much better.

    I was curious about your holes in the foam, what did you use to cut them?

    TIA :)

  5. says

    I used a plastic sprinkler extension. It was 1″ diameter and had a nice sharp threaded end that help to cut through the foam. Just turn-turn-turn while pushing down and it will cut through. Your wrist all definitely hurt once you’re done! Good luck!!

  6. says

    Just came across this, and I love it! It looks like you used some batting over the foam, is that right? Did you punch holes into that before putting the buttons in?

  7. says

    orange sugar~ Yes, this is a full size bed I made the headboard for. I just made the dimensions a few inches larger than the bed width-wise and the height is 45″ above the top of the mattress…for the full drama effect ;). I think the total height is 48″ because we used the entire sheet of plywood and there is still part of the headboard that extends under the mattress… (hope that makes sense!) The fabric I used was 56″ home dec size faux leather…very easy to work with!

  8. says

    Hi! I found your post through the link party at Classy Clutter. The headboard looks totally fab, and we actually have the same coverlet on our bed, so you obviously have brilliant taste :o)
    I am working on making a tufted ottoman right now, and will probably use a similar process, now if only I could find the perfect fabric.
    Lots of Bloggy Love

  9. says

    Absolutely stunning!!! I recently upholstered a headboard and a bench and yes those covered buttons hurt the thumbs so bad! BUT so worth it! :)

    Thanks for linking up on my blog! XOXO!

  10. says

    This headboard came out just gorgeous! I made a tufted ottoman using this method, but I wished I had made the holes in the foam bigger like yours. I was still happy with the results, my next project is a tufted headboard for me. I have been procrastinating to do it, now I feel inspired from the beautiful job you did on yours! Thank you!

  11. says

    This is awesome!!! Didi you put the fabric right onto the foam? I mean no batting? And am I getting this right: the actual holes are 1″ in diameter? What’s the size of the buttons you used? I’d love to make this, it looks so classy.

  12. says

    I love how you said your husband cut the MDF with “some sort of saw.” Funny. The headboard looks great! I made one in December for my mom, using an old ugly wooden headboard I found at a thrift store, but if I were to have started from scratch, I would have shaped mine like yours. Nice work!

  13. says

    Great Job!!! I really want to try making a tufted headboard for my bed.
    I have a question, did you stitch the buttons once you had stapled the fabric to the back of the board or did you stitch all the buttons before?


  14. says

    Bori~ I emailed you directly

    Edi~ By stitching, I’m assuming you mean pulled them through??? I put the fabric over the foam, pulled all the buttons through and then stapled it to the back…hope that helps!

  15. says

    From now on I’m in love with your blog! I thought this headboard will be so difficult to do and now it seems to be quite simple 😉 Thanks to you!

    Thank you for this DIY and have a nice day! :)

  16. says

    Hi Susan :) Love this I am going to try it for my step-daughter’s room. We are re-doing it in a pink and zebra theme. Your tutorial is easy to follow I think I may be able to do it :)

  17. says

    Hi Susan, I love your headboard! I bought some similar fabrics and try to make some buttons, but I found it was impossible to cover this kind of thick fabric in to the buttons. I used a hammer, but it didn’t work, even the fabric was about to break.
    Please~~~~~~~~ tell me how can you made the buttons,…..

  18. says

    I too am having the same problem as Angel. I think it’s impossible to make buttons out of faux leather! Is there a trick to it? Also, what size are the buttons you used?


  19. says


  20. Melissa says

    I’m also curious about if you used batting and what type/where you got the buttons from. I’m looking to do this as a project over the coming weeks.


  21. Jess says

    Love love this headboard. I am going to start buying the supplies to begin my project :) but wanted to know what size of buttons you used on this project? Please.. I see others have asked but I couldn’t find the reply…

  22. Lauri says

    I know I am late to the party, but I just love your headboard! This is the one I have picked out of all the ones I pinned on my Pinterest account. Unfortunately, there is no longer any “addicted2decorating” blog to go to for detailed instructions.

    Did you by any chance keep a copy of them to post for those of us who still want to make this?

    I do have a question. What was the size, and density, of the foam you bought from Joannes Fabric store? It is so expensive, so I want to make sure , I get the proper amount, and then some. I also have a few side projects (an ottoman for one) in mind, so I would like to purchase a little bit extra.

    Thanks so much!!!


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