SoCal Social Weekend Wrap-Up

This weekend I attended my first blogger ….conference? {no}.  convention? {no}.  party? {YES!}


It was a blast.  No pressure, just shopping and eating… the important things in a girl’s life…


A local shop had tons and tons of handmade aprons and mitts from a Southern California designer!  Recognize some of those prints?


Most of the shopping was antique stores…which is usually not my cup of tea, but I seem to have an obsession with vintage dress forms…


Go figure! {pun intended}


{Andrea from The Train to Crazy}
I met some fellow bloggers that I have had an ’internet relationship’ for quite some time now…  Andrea from the Train to Crazy is an awesome person.  Love her!  We had a dinner date the night before HERE and broke the ice before meeting everyone else the next day.  So glad we did!


Here’s a few of us perched and resting our feet.  Andrea from The Train to Crazy, Michelle from Delicate Construction and Aimee from Fancy Little Things.  We all became fast friends.


Before we headed to our final feeding, we stopped by a great beer and wine tasting shop and I spotted this great inspiration for a DIY…but I doubt I will ever have that many bottle caps.  Again, it was great to see some local artisans on display!
We had a fabulous lunch and got to mingle with each other a bit before we had our guest speaker, Mark Montano.


The guy is hilarious!  And inspirational.  He shared how he got his career started and his process for creating craft books.  He also revealed he has an upcoming feature on Casa Sugar where we will be able to see his ‘Craft House’.  Yes… a whole house!


He also had his second craft book come out this week and he gave all of us one!  Thanks Mark! You can buy HERE.
I’ll leave you with one last shot I snapped as we were passing past an alley… wish I had the bride’s email to send to her…


A special thanks to Bev of Flamingo ToesHolly of 504 Main and Vivienne from the V Spot for hosting an amazing day…you guys are the BEST!

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    I’m so bummed to be reading about this only now. I live in Orange County and would SO loved to have joined in the fun. Ah well, next time…Looks like you had a fantastic time!

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