ETC Jewelry Winner and a bonus!

Is it you?

ETC Jewelry Winner and a bonus!

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ETC Jewelry Winner and a bonus!
If you aren’t the lucky one, Bev at Etc. Jewelry has graciously extended a discount to all of us that just can’t live life without one of her pieces.
Go to her store and enter PUNKS15 at checkout
to get 15% off ANY piece in her shop!
Happy shopping  ETC Jewelry Winner and a bonus!

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  1. says

    Hi Susan! I just wanted to say thanks so much to you and to your readers for all of your support. Reading your comments was really sweet and touching for me and it’s just so nice to know that there are people out there who realize how important adoption is for us and others. Thanks again to all who entered and especially to Living with Punks for hosting our giveaway. Your support really means a lot to us. ~~Bev Brown

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