Tutorial: Mondo Pom Trim Pillow

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Oh, how I love the Pom…
Mondo Pom Pillow - Make a pillow with HUGE pom poms!  PB inspired!
After I saw these in Pottery Barn, I was on the hunt.  I searched and searched for the gargantuan pom pom trim.  I even got a headache from it…

Mondo Pom Pillow - Make a pillow with HUGE pom poms!  PB inspired!
I never found anything close to this size…probably a good thing ‘cause I’m sure it would’ve been 60.00/inch had it existed…

Mondo Pom Pillow - Make a pillow with HUGE pom poms!  PB inspired!
So, I made my own….

Mondo Pom Pillow - Make a pillow with HUGE pom poms!  PB inspired!
And it’s my favorite. Project. To. Date!

Do you love the pom, like me?  Let’s make it together…


2 skeins super bulky yarn (I used Lion brand)
3/4 yard duck canvas
18” square pillow form
Sewing machine and supplies

Begin by making your pom pom’s.  There are lots of ways to make them, but for some reason, I go back to the way I was taught when I was little, so here goes…

mondopompompillow 002
Cut a piece of yarn about 8-10 inches long and set it aside, this is your piece to wrap the pom

Picnik collage1
Take the end of your yarn and place it on your hand with the end sticking down.  Begin wrapping around your fingers, trying to keep it medium pressure (not too tight, not too loose, Goldilocks).  Wrap around 30 times. Slide it off your fingers and place in the center of the yarn previously cut

Picnik collage2
Tie and knot the yarn string in the center,causing the pom to have the loops on both sides.  While holding the tying piece, cut through all the loops.  Make sure to leave the long ends of the tying piece…these are critical in attaching to the pillow.  #3 is what it looks like after cutting…pretty wonky.  Just trim it up until it’s nice and round
mondopompompillow 016
mondopompompillow 017
Now keep going until you have 20 pom pom’s

I used the same pillow method I demonstrated HERE, although the dimensions of the finished pillow are bigger with this one.  It’s a basic, easy envelope style that literally is the easiest thing to make on earth.

The dimensions to cut are one 19” square for the front and one 19”x8” and one 19”x13” for the back.
mondopompompillow 027
Place your 19” square piece right side up and start placing your pom pom’s down so the tail is towards the raw edge of the square…just eyeball it.  If you want to get all technical, I guess you could measure, but sometimes I just am too excited to finish.  There should be 5 pom’s on each side of the square…hence the 20 pom’s.

mondopompompillow 028
Pin them in place by threading through the tails

mondopompompillow 029
Take over to your machine and baste them all in place.  I found using my zipper foot helpful to keep the bulk off the one side.  Also, remove the pins before you sew over the pom.  As I got better, I just pulled the pin out well before I got to my presser foot and held it in place with my fingers.  When you are at a tail, reverse the machine once or twice to really secure the pom down

mondopompompillow 031
Here is what I mean by reversing a couple times…

mondopompompillow 036
Now place the back pieces of the pillow right sides together on top of the pom’s.  I found it easiest to pin in between each pom, kinda on either side of it.

mondopompompillow 038
Using a 1/2” seam allowance, sew around the entire pillow.  As you are sewing the back pieces on, it is easy to slip your hand in to make sure you aren’t sewing the pom’s down in the seam allowance.  I thought this part was going to be tough, but actually it wasn’t bad at all

mondopompompillow 054
Flip that sucker right side out, put your pillow form in and Oh. My. Gosh…Fall in love!

Mondo Pom Pillow - Make a pillow with HUGE pom poms!  PB inspired!
DISCLAIMER:  This picture taken by insistent 8 year old boy with dirty hands and no shirt on…I was nervous
Also, who knew my hands were so ‘veiny’….What is the significance of that anyway?

mondopompompillow 099
Here’s the back…simple and clean!

Here are some more pics for your viewing pleasure:
Mondo Pom Pillow - Make a pillow with HUGE pom poms!  PB inspired!
Mondo Pom Pillow - Make a pillow with HUGE pom poms!  PB inspired!
Mondo Pom Pillow - Make a pillow with HUGE pom poms!  PB inspired!
Mondo Pom Pillow - Make a pillow with HUGE pom poms!  PB inspired!
Hope you liked it!  If you make one, puh-leeze! post it to the Facebook page, or our Flickr Group, I’d LOVE to see it
See ya next time  :)

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  1. says

    Ridiculous levels of awesomeness! BTW going to sign up for your email from this one post plus the fact that your blog has THE best name I have ever seen!

  2. says

    This is just so gorgeous! I so want to make one! But I’m curious about the pom-poms. Whenever I make them, no matter how tight I try to to tie the string, it’s always easy to pull the little pieces out of the pom. Any suggestions for keeping them from falling apart?

  3. says

    I swore after making 2 mini pompoms from perle cotton for a teddy bear outfit never to make a pompom again, however, I might waiver from that resolve after this…

  4. says

    Ok….this is AH-MAZ-ING! Like, I made an audible gasp. I am in love with pom-poms…and these huge ones on a pillow? Oh my! I think I just died. And I love the cream color. I always make super bright things. I want to embrace cream. :) I’m just really in love with this….did I mention that? Great job!!

  5. says

    My girls are soon going to be sharing a room. This would be a wonderful addition to their new space. Thank you for sharing, I am in LOVE with the pom poms!!

  6. says

    I love this! I never thought I would like anything with a pompom on it. But I keep thinking I should embroider or applique something on it. Maybe that will be the second one. @Jennifer, you should make it in brown or black, and your little boys handprints won’t matter a bit. Still elegant. Jennifer B.

  7. says

    Thanks for all the love guys! I swear if you make one, you will die everytime you walk in the room…I know I do :)
    @Megan, I have never had that problem…I tried pulling on mine and it wouldn’t budge…does anyone else have a suggestion?
    @Jennifer, I suggest making them in brown 😉
    @Mary-Beth LOL!
    Thanks again guys!!!!

  8. says

    This is just divinely adorable I just love it and will definitely be making one. I am going to link it on my DIY Daily page. I just love it. Great tute, too!

    My best- Diane

  9. says

    This has to be the best pillow ever! I’ve never made a pom pom, but you have convinced me that I must do so this weekend! Thanks for sharing.

  10. says

    I think this looks amazing! I can remember making pom poms like these for my ice skates when I was little. I have some young friends coming over in a few days…I am going to have them make the pom poms and I will make them pillows. I also like that you use the pillow sham technique for the back of the pillow. Makes it go so much faster than a zipper :) Great post.

  11. says

    I am in love with this!!! I make pom pom garlands that I sell on Etsy and I use the pom pom maker that I got at JOann’s! I’ve never even trued to make them by hand, it looks so simple 😉 This pillow is SO pretty, great job!!
    Just popping in from TT&J :)

  12. says

    Fantastic Pillow! Really brilliant! Your son did a lovely job with the photos. My hands are super veiny as well–my kids love to play with them. Pretty sure they’re another sign of superior creativity!! Thanks for sharing your lovely project!

  13. says

    OMG…i love it. i am obsessed with pillows right now. i am so making this one. i just made the stenciled number pillows and posted them on my BRAND new blog. thank you for the inspiration.

  14. says

    Oh I am so making one of these this weekend! Love it, and love the pictures. Cant believe Im the first to ask but where the heck did you get that chair? I saw a similar one at Crate and Barrel and have been dreaming of getting one ever since. With the pillow added it’s even cuter and now I REALLY need one!

  15. says

    This is amazing! I am in love and think I might have to make several of these in various colors because I can’t decide! It’s wonderful! THanks for the great tutorial! I also wanted to let you know you’ve been featured on my blog today…feel free to grab the featured button at the end of the post :)

  16. says

    Just got through making one of these pillows and I love it!! Heading over to fabric store thinking of making one in grey or another one identical to the one I just made. Thank you! I love this pillow

  17. says

    oh my word!!! I love this pillow. Visiting from 36th. I am def. going to make one of these or maybe more than one. That’s my favorite yarn to work with. I’ve made pom poms with other yarn but never the thick stuff. So so pretty! Thanks for sharing!!!

  18. says

    I am all kinds of excited about this pillow. Came over from Sew Mama Sew and plan to make some of these for my bed – – so, so happy! Thanks for the tutorial!

  19. says

    I thought for a while about this, and being that people use these bulky yarns to make fishermen’s sweaters, hats, heavy duty blankets, etc., it seemed odd, at best, that poms couldn’t be safely washed. So, I made a test pom and washed in the cold delicate cycle, followed by cool dry. It came out fine. I did take the precaution of tying the poms super-super tight, to prevent them from falling apart in the wash. So, when my pillow gets really soiled, I will wash with nary a concern. Susan, your tutorial is excellent and made my project easy and fun. Thanks. I have posted pics on flicker.

  20. amali says

    omg!!! it is really a cute idea for the cushions. Am gonna use this idea to personalize the cushions and gift my friends. thank you.

  21. Mallory Evans says

    I love this pillow and want to make one however I had a few more specific questions…… Specifically what kind of yarn did you use and what was the fiber, I want to avoid lots of fraying is why I ask. thank you

  22. Kirsten says

    I finally got around to making this cute pillow and it turned out great! The only problem I ran into was the sizes of the envelope back pieces of fabric. The 19″x13″ seemed sufficient but the 9″x8″ didn’t seem to allow for a 4″ overlap after doing the 1″fold over hem on each side. I changed that piece to a 19″x14″. Thanks for such a great project!

  23. Jenny says

    YOUR HANDS create beautiful things, like happy & healthy 8 year old boys and giant pom pom pillows! They also remind me of my mom’s hands and now (whaddaya know), my daughter’s moms hands!
    Ah-mayz-zing Lady :)


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