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I purchased this book several months back.  The cover caught my eye and of course the title.  Who doesn’t want to sew clothes kids love?  The writers do a great job of explaining how to embellish your creations in a way that will excite the wearer.

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This skirt was a breeze to make.  It truly is a FUN skirt.  The different fabrics used to make the top over-skirt were a great way to use up scraps too!  The way this book is written, it would be easy to use up alot of larger scraps in your stash for the entire book!  She really emphasizes mixing up fabrics and prints to enhance the carefree feel of the clothing.

This particular skirt, The Insa Skirt, is extra flouncy and playful.  It has alot of room, yet is very well-fitting.  The patterns do not come with a seam allowance, so you have to include those when cutting, but sometimes that is a bonus so you can use whatever seam allowance you prefer.

Another emphasis the author is particular about is the use of trims and ribbon.  I used a tiny pom-pom trim on the hem of the top over-skirt and I love the charming feel it gives to the skirt.  All the difference between cute and darling.

The book is filled with a lot more projects that are on my to-sew list. I think next will be something for the boys….maybe the sporty Imke Hooded Pullover!
Do you have this book too?  Post any completed clothes you’ve sewn from it onto our Facebook page!  I’d love to see your versions too!

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    I picked this book up as well but I’m sort of a new sewer so I was a little intimidated. But seeing your skirt makes me wanna whip it open and give it a whirl!

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    I have been debating . . . but think I’ll have to pick one up. Also looking at Girl’s World book!

    Can’t wait to see what you make next!

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    Seeing as how we have a little girl due in October and I know nothing about sewing clothing, this looks like a fun book to get and start on so by the time she’s big enough she can have a fun wardrobe!


  4. says

    I LOVE this book! I have made sooo many (easy to make) leggings for my lil skinny minnie!

    Give “Little Girls, Big Style” a shot…you won’t be disappointed :)

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    I have made an insa skirt too. They are pretty easy. I really want to make the dress on pages 20-21, but I can’t figure out which pattern it is. Does anyone know which one it is?

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    Lovely! I’ve had that book in my Amazon wish list for ages – perhaps, as no one else has taken the hint, I should just buy it for myself! Love the skirt!!

  7. says

    I just bought this book! I had ordered Carefree Clothes for Girls because it seemed to be such a hit and then I was kind of dissapointed to find it really didn’t seem to be my ‘style’ at all. However, I still told Nicole she could look through it and pick something. She wouldn’t even look at it! THIS book however… I ordered it and was quite pleased. Then the next morning, she picked it up off the table and said, “Read it to me!” I explained that it was a book of clothes that I could sew for her. Long story short, she wants pretty much everything. lol. I think this skirt will be one of my first projects!

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