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Today we have Emily visiting from The Boy Trifecta.  Emily has a knack for all things boy…go figure!  But, don’t let the name fool you…  Her purse designs are sublime.  I adore this idea she has for the boys this summer…I’m definitley making some for my two water-gun-toting bruts!
Hey friends! My name is Emily and I blog over at The Boy Trifecta. As you might guess from the name of my blog, I am the mom to three awesome boys, Riley, Quinn, and Sawyer. Since I’m constantly surrounded by testosterone at my house, I blog mostly about making stuff for little dudes. My Scrap Your Stash project is meant to help keep my guys cool through our ridiculously hot and humid Ohio summers – a water gun holster!
To make this project, you’ll need:
Sewing machine
Several long scraps of fabric
A word about scrap sizes – At least one of your fabric scraps should be long enough to wrap around your child’s waist with a few inches of overlap. The other scraps should be large enough to wrap around your water guns with a little overlap. Water guns vary greatly in size, so check to make sure your scraps are large enough before sewing. I used individual pieces of fabric, but obviously you could piece this project together with smaller scraps as well.
I happen to have a roll of Velcro from an abandoned project, so I used lots. LOTS. If you don’t have a ton of Velcro laying around, you could use much less than I did by applying the Velcro only at the belt closure and where the water gun will attach, as opposed to all the way around the belt.
Cut your strips at least twice as wide as your Velcro. I applied two strips of 3/4 inch Velcro, and I wanted some space in between, so my belt strip is approximately five inches wide. The strips for the water gun attachment is maybe 4 inches wide.
Press the ends of your strips towards the wrong side (approximately half an inch). Fold your strips in half, right sides together, and stitch the open edge closed. Using a bodkin or a safety pin, turn your strips right side out and press flat.
Now apply your Velcro. I stitched two strips of Velcro to the entire length of the outside of the belt. I put the “soft” part of the Velcro on the outside of the belt. Then, I stitched about 6 inches of the “hook” portion of the Velcro to the inside of the belt, as the belt closure.
On the strip that attaches to the water gun, I did exactly the opposite, with the hook Velcro along the length of  the outside of the strip, and the soft, loop part on the inside of the strip as the closure.
Once the Velcro is applied, wrap it around your water gun.
And wrap the belt around your kiddo.
Stick the water gun to the belt…
And prepare for a water fight!
(Yes, his shirt IS inside out and backwards. :) Don’t judge.)
But this kid better watch out, because mama has the hose, and I fight back!
So, what do you think? Riley thought it was awesome. It’s amazing – my kids seem to appreciate the simplest projects far more than the complicated, time-consuming ones!
I know we’re mostly talking about sewing here in the Scrap Your Stash series, but as a crocheter, I also end up with lots of yarn scraps as well. Here’s what I’m doing with my yarn scraps – feel free to pop over and talk to me about what you do with yours!
Thanks so much for having me, Susan!
Thanks Emily!
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  1. says

    Neat! I have always been scared of having a boy, for two reasons. 1. I wouldn’t know what on Earth to name him. 2. I wouldn’t know what to make him. You have solved both problems! THANK YOU!

  2. says

    Cool idea! Would work with Nerf guns too! I am new to your blog, and gotta say that I am really loving this series …. us crafty types are always looking for ways to use up our scraps! Would love it if you took a peak at my itty-bitty corner of the internet:

    Keep up the great work!

    Hugs, Sara :)


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