SYS ~ Homage to Starry Night

SYS ~ Homage to Starry Night

Today I have Jessica from the awesome blog Me Sew Crazy!  She has created some great tutorials for her little girl that are just darling.  I have several bookmarked, but the girl is so quick at pumping them out I can’t keep up! 

I love her interpretation of this classic artwork…and it looks exceptional don’t you think?  Another bookmark for me!!!
SYS ~ Homage to Starry Night

Hi everyone! I am Jessica from Me Sew Crazy, and I am honored to be here today as part of the Scrap your Stash Series!

SYS ~ Homage to Starry NightTo tell you the truth, normally I don’t work much with my scraps – in fact I have a huge pile that just keeps growing, and growing, and growing, and growing…you get the idea. The only time I find myself rummaging through that pile is when I need to applique. Then there is tons of scrappy action, but otherwise my scraps don’t get much love. Which is why this challenge was so interesting to me.

I always love things that make me think outside the box, challenge me to get out of my comfort zone, and make me try things I may not have considered before.

My love for the arts is something I have always had. Most people don’t know this about me, but when I was younger I was in commercials, I grew up with art being my favorite class, and music/singing is a passion (hello fellow Gleeks! Lol). I didn’t turn to sewing until about 5 years ago when I found myself living in a foreign country with no friends or family to speak of, and a newborn in my arms. It has been a love affair ever since.

SYS ~ Homage to Starry NightWhile I was mulling over what to do for the Scrap my Stash challenge, it suddenly came to me one sleepless night. If wanted to create a masterpiece for Susan, why not look to the Masters?

I give you, my Homage to Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh…

SYS ~ Homage to Starry Night

Made entirely with scraps, loads of hot glue, canvas (or any other hard surface), and a pencil. This is really an easy piece to put together, and you will be thrilled with how the end result looks! I already have mine hanging in the guest bedroom :).

To make your own Starry Night Homage simply:

SYS ~ Homage to Starry Night

Load up on blue & yellow scraps, and cut them into thin pieces. Mine were approximately 1″ wide of various lengths.

Then on a canvas, or other hard surface, using a pencil, make a rough draft of the major outlines you want to follow. I chose to omit the larger tree in front – as I felt it would have taken away from the free flowing fabric swirls which already looked so great!

SYS ~ Homage to Starry Night

Then with a little bit of hot glue, pin down one end of the scrap letting it dry slightly. Once the fabric is secure, start twirling the fabric, and lay down your hot glue line you want the fabric to follow. I chose to work with the two main swirls first, and then fill in the stars and moon. Everything else worked its way around those main focal pieces.

And before I knew it, I was done! With a big ole hot glue mess on my desk, and one fantastic piece of artwork for my home.

SYS ~ Homage to Starry Night

Want to try your hand at another masterpiece? Look up impressionist art, I find the free flowing lines make for the best inspiration when it comes to manipulating the fabric.

I hope you all enjoy my Scrappy masterpiece, I figure you will either love it or think I am nuts…lol. But either way, I am pretty sure my best projects sprout from nights of insomnia such as this one.

Thank you again so much for having me Susan, I have really enjoyed being a part of the Scrap your Stash series!

Thanks Jessica!

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SYS ~ Homage to Starry Night SYS ~ Homage to Starry Night SYS ~ Homage to Starry NightSYS ~ Homage to Starry Night

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SYS ~ Homage to Starry Night

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  1. says

    Ohhhh…this activity makes me miss teaching art at public school….we used to do an activity like this where I made the kids choose an art work and then use either paper scraps, yarn, or goods from the found objects bin to recreate masterpieces.

    It was one of my favorite projects. Hum…I think maybe I know what my kids will be doing this afternoon.

    Thanks for sharing! It’s super fun!!!

  2. says

    OOOOoooo! Love this Van Gogh and love your masterpiece! Could this be used as a rug? Do you think the glue would hold up to wear? Much faster than hooking!

  3. says

    I love this idea! I am already a scrap hoarder but, this is enough for me to start collecting those long narrow pieces I normally write off!

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