SYS ~ Football Softie

Today we have Andrea from The Train to Crazy!  Isn’t that a great blog name?  Sometimes I feel like I am on that train everyday, how ’bout you?  Andera has awesome tutorials and hosts an inspirational linky on Thursday’s called Make it, Wear it.  I adore this football softie she designed and can’t wait to make it for my little nephew.
SYS ~ Football Softie

I’m sure you’ve all been stuck at one point or another wondering what to make for someone’s new little baby. You want to make something that will be useful, cute, and get used. Many handmade items don’t always fit into those categories. But here is something that does. The football softie tutorial!
SYS ~ Football Softie
The perfect way to use up some scraps of fabric and ribbon. I used flannel scraps here but quilting fabric or even minky would work great. I think the taggies on the football make the toy super cute and a bit more interesting for babies. Of course, you could omit those and it would still be just as useful! I’ve also added jingle bells inside the football but feel free to omit those as well.

Gather your supplies:

SYS ~ Football Softie

  • Print the football template, or draw your own
  • Cut 4 pieces for the football (I like to use freezer paper to get the job done quickly)
  • Cut 1 ribbon 6.5″ long (if you use a different size football cut ribbon accordingly)
  • Cut 8 ribbons 3″ long
  • Jingle bells (3-5)
  • Cut a small scrap about 2″ x 4″
  • Stuffing

1. Pin ribbons onto one piece of the football  SYS ~ Football Softie
Turn ends under on the center ribbon. Loop the other ribbons and tuck them under the center ribbon. Sew center ribbon along edges.
2. Sew the football pieces together, right sides together. Use a 1/4″ seam allowance. Stop sewing 1/4″ from the ends.
SYS ~ Football Softie
3. Sew the next pieces of the football together (right sides). Edges should join as so:

SYS ~ Football Softie(notice how the points meet in the middle and don’t overlap?)

4. Leave a 2-3″ opening when joining the final pieces. This will allow you to turn the football right side out and stuff.
SYS ~ Football Softie
5. Turn right side out
SYS ~ Football Softie
6. Use the small scrap of fabric to encase the jingle bells. It doesn’t have to be pretty it just needs to hold them together.
SYS ~ Football Softie
7. Stuff the football, placing the jingle bell pouch in the middle of the stuffing.
8. Hand sew the opening closed.
SYS ~ Football Softie
And finally, present your special taggie football to a little special guy or gal.
SYS ~ Football Softie
Thanks for inviting me to join Scrap Your Stash Susan! It’s been fun!

Thanks Andrea!
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SYS ~ Football Softie
See ya tomorrow!

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  1. says

    This is just adorable and with perfect timing for me as well. My husband and I are expecting our second Grandchild in early September and already know this one will be a boy. This football will be perfect.
    Thank you so much Andrea.

  2. says

    Have been to your site in the past and you always have great stuff posted! Love it! Thanks for the tutorial- will try it for sure!


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