Cozy Chenille Baby Blanket

How wonderful is it to run across a blog that makes you sit and click for a while.  That is what happened to me when I ran across Aesthetic Nest some months back.  Anneliese has some wonderful ideas and beautiful photography to showcase her creativity

chennile baby blanket 034
I was already a follower of her blog when she posted this tutorial on a baby blanket.  It was jaw-dropping.  So, once I had the opportunity to make one, I did!

chennile baby blanket 016
I am delivering this to my niece today at her baby shower. {Due in April!}

chennile baby blanket 003
Here are my fabrics I started with.

chennile baby blanket 006
There’s even a handy little tool you can buy that makes the cutting alot easier and faster.  Otherwise, you cut each channel with scissors {Ouch!}.  I am certain I will be making many more of these in the future, so I went ahead and doled out the cash

chennile baby blanket 020
I love the texture and softness the chenille creates

chennile baby blanket 024 chennile baby blanket 025
On the chenille cutter, it suggests using 4-8 pieces of flannel for the backing {I used 3}, and next time  I will definitley use 4…maybe 5 if I’m feeling lucky

chennile baby blanket 017
{Fabric Alert}

chennile baby blanket 034

What did you work on this week?


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  1. says

    I love it! I made one, too!! I, however, used the scissors. Let me assure you, I shall be investing in a chenille cutter before I do another one, ha. Even though my hubby did half the cutting (awww) making the blanket for my baby girl, I was still crippled for a week afterwards. Clawhand. :p
    I was wondering how it would look in boy colors and I have to say… love it!

  2. says

    That looks fab, Susan! I got one of these as a gift several years ago before I knew how to sew, and I still treasure it. They make great playmats!

  3. says

    I love Aesthetic Nest too. I find myself over there looking at the same stuff over and over. You did an amazing job. The colors are ridiculously gorgeous. I just know that it was a well-recieved gift.

  4. says

    Your site makes me click for hours! I started two blankets for my mum and aunty (nearly 2 years ago) along exactly the same lines….I love the idea for a baby though, it would be so cosy. Fabulous fabric – so punk. Thanks for the tips. Might dig mine out, dust them off and finish them.. you’ve inspired me.

  5. says

    How funny! I just stumbled across that Heirloom Chenille blanket tutorial last week and attempted my first blanket this past weekend.

    It came out so gorgeous that I’m DEFINITELY investing in a cutter for the next one!

    Great Minds, etc. haha.

  6. says

    I made one this week too! I used MADE’s tutorial, though. I actually wore a raw spot on my hand cutting the lines! My hubs made the comment “You don’t love me enough to make me one of these, do you?” Definitely getting the chenille cutter for next time!

  7. says

    I made one last week.. You can see it on my blog.. Yours is beautiful.. I wish I had the cutter hand hurts just remembering the hours of cutting

  8. says

    Love your blanket! I’ve been busy this past week making 3 pillowcase dresses for a sew-a-long to Dress a Girl Around the World on lbg studio. Also made some baby gift sets of a purse, diaper changing pad, and diaper/wipes tote. It’s on my blog at So much more to do!!!!! Ellen

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