Tutorial: Fabric Dress Wall Art

I absolutely LOVE this project!  I was inspired by a giclee from the Ballard Design catalog that was constructed with old book pages. 
Now, I know old book pages are all the rage right now, but FABRIC always does it for me! 
You can personalize to your own taste and decor so much easier!

fabric dress wall art 034

I made this particular piece for my office/sewing room.  The colors are fab and of course, the dress fits right in!

fabric dress wall art 035

I promise you, it’s easier than it looks

fabric dress wall art 032

Who wants one?

fabric dress wall art 022
Art Canvas (mine is 24×30)
Freezer Paper
Spray Paint
Mod Podge
Fabrics of your choice
Fusible Interfacing
Scissors, pencil, tape, eraser

fabric dress wall art 001

1. Begin by cutting a piece of freezer paper to the size of your canvas.  You may have to tape two pieces together to achieve your size.

fabric dress wall art 002
2.  I used the Ballard picture as a starting off point.  I loves the scalloped bottom edge so I went with that.  NOTE:  I am not an artist!  I DO NOT DRAW!  I used my ruler alot to get dimensions right.  I used my eraser ALOT too, and after about a half hour,  I liked the outcome.  Make sure to draw on the dull side of the paper

fabric dress wall art 008
3. Label all of your pieces that you will be cutting

fabric dress wall art 011
4.  Cut out each piece individually

fabric dress wall art 014
  5.  After you’ve decided on a fabric combination, iron the fusible interfacing to the amount of fabric that you need

fabric dress wall art 016
6.  Flip the interfaced fabric over and iron on your pattern pieces to the fabric (the beauty of freezer paper)

fabric dress wall art 018
7. Cut each piece out and peel the freezer paper off your fabric

fabric dress wall art 024
8.  After you have all the pieces cut and peeled, arrange them on the canvas you’ve painted. (no pics of me spraying the canvas cause I figure you can handle that one 😉  Make sure to stand back and make sure your art is straight and balanced on the sides and edges

fabric dress wall art 026   9.  Starting with a middle piece, I chose the waistband, apply a healthy amount of mod podge to the back of the fabric.  Put the piece exactly where you took it from

fabric dress wall art 028
10.  Continue with each piece.  Here I have the waistband and bodice mod podged down, and am starting on the arms.  For the skirt, I kept the pieces in place and just lifted up the top and bottom of each piece and mod podged down. 

fabric dress wall art 031

Your finished!                       Are you in love?
I am!

fabric dress wall art 037

fabric dress wall art 030

Now go make you one

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  1. says

    I love that you used fabric. Even though, as you said, book pages are all the rage, I can’t bring myself to tear up a book. It’s the English teacher in me I suppose.

  2. says

    I love it! I’ve been wanting to do a canvas project for my kids’ room but wasn’t sure how to do something larger scale. I’m going to copy your ideas, but using scrapbook paper, since I don’t mess around with fabric too much. Thx for the ideas!

  3. says

    Wow! I recognized that dress from the B.D. catalog (I had it circled, too). I clicked over from H.o.H. and as soon as I saw your header I thought, “Well of course it’s from Living With Punks. Her stuff rocks!”

    ~ Nike@ChooseToThrive


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