Polka Dot Garland

Polka Dot Christmas continues…. 
Click HERE for the tutorial
Click HERE for the matching stocking tutorial

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  1. says

    I seriously love this simple, modern garland. It’s very chic and clean, a nice pop of color :)

    Please share this craft on my holiday link share: http://bit.ly/h0FA83

    I’ll be back for more inspiration. I’d really like to try this…if I had the time to make it 😀

  2. says

    No idea how I have only found this now!
    I absolutely love this and think it would be a fab birthday party garland too. It could be reused each year. What a great budget option in th elong run and s pretty! I blog over at http://www.babybudgeting.co.uk all about frusal family fun and I love green, resourceful ideas like these. Maybe I’ll ask to borrow this to feture next Christmas. What do you think?

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