You down wit’ OPP {ya u know me}…

…every last homie!
Once I decided to start this series:
OPP (Other People’s Patterns)
I can’t get this {old} song out of my head. 
SorryDon’t hate me

Is it stuck in your head now too?
Here are a few of the patterns that will be coming up
You down wit OPP {ya u know me}...
Ca-ute ruffle skirt.  Perfect for Fall with leggings and boots!
You down wit OPP {ya u know me}...
Can I get a Wha-Wha for this one?
Don’t be scared of that pocket…It’s from an old upcycled pair of cargo pants
You down wit OPP {ya u know me}...
Sweet little dress with big ol’ drama bow!
You down wit OPP {ya u know me}...
And, last but not least, a zippered hoodie!!  I love how you can get as funky as you want with this one.
Wait ’til you see what fabric my punks picked out  You down wit OPP {ya u know me}...
All of these designers have agreed to discounts for you guys too, so keep your eyes out for my posts labeled OPP for some good eye candy and awesome savings.

You down wit OPP {ya u know me}...

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  1. says

    Awesome patterns! I would love the first skirt for myself actually! And is that last one (zippered hoodie) made with a woven?? If that’s true I will definitely have to get that. Looking forward to your upcoming OPP’s, yay for discounts! :-)

  2. says

    Yea! I really want to try to make the skirt. My MIL just gave be a really fancy sewing machine (that I am not even sure how to turn on) but I am hoping that by reading blogs like your I will get the confidence to try :)

  3. says

    I’m lovin’ these patterns and your blog. I’ve got 4 boys and one little girl so its great to see crafts and patterns I can get excited about for all of my crazy kids… even if it means I’ll be singing “OPP” all night!

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