Tutorial: The Mama Ruffle Scarf

Andrea from The Train to Crazy asked me to contribute to her
November Make it for Winter Month and I am very honored to do so.
Andrea has a wonderful blog where she posts tutorialshosts sew-a-longs, and has a great linky every Thursday where you can post anything you have made and can wear!
Welcome Train to Crazy Readers, I hope you enjoy the post and stick around for some more
A few weeks back, I posted the Button Ruffle Scarf.  I love this scarf.  The ruffles sweeping the face is so feminine, and this season… you can’t go wrong with ruffles!  Some of you said you wanted one for yourselves, so I got to work and created the Mama Ruffle Scarf.  I wanted to somehow incorporate the buttons, but I just couldn’t make it work and actually look right, so I made the Chrysi Pin as an alternative to the button.
I enlisted our favorite babysitter person around these parts to model this one, until I can send my hubby to a photography class so this doesn’t happen again  :)
Isn’t she gorgeous? The perfect model!
Not using the buttons actually made this scarf much more versatile.
You can wear it by tying it Ascot style
Or do the European Loop
Create a bold fashion statement by attaching the Chrysi Pin.  It helps secure it around the neck and gives your scarf a little more attitude
Or just regular ol’ wrap around the neck
Want one?  Let’s make it…
1/2 yard knit fabric ~ I used this ponteroma fabric.  It is a little pricey and NEVER on sale.  But, it is worth the money.  (Make sure the girl at the cut counter cuts it right, because we are using every scrap of  1/2 yard.)
Coordinating Thread
That’s it!
1.  Cut your 1/2 yard length of knit into these measurements:
Qty 2: 6″ x width of fabric (usually 60″)
Qty 4:  1.5″ x width of fabric (usually 60″)
2.  Take the 1.5″ strips and sew them together to make one long piece.  Yes, it will be long!
3.  Take that super duper long piece and set the tension on your sewing machine on HIGH and the stitch length to LONG and start to ruffle with a 1/4″ seam allowance.  Your machine should ruffle this knit very easily.  If it isn’t then your tension isn’t high enough or your stitch isn’t long enough.  Crank it up!
4.  Take your super duper long ruffle and pin it to the other 6″ scarf pieces RST with raw edges matching.  If your ruffle is too long, then just cut off the excess.  If it is too short, then take out the ruffle a bit to fit.
5.  Using a 1/4″ seam allowance, sew the ruffle to the scarf
6.  Take the other scarf piece and lay it on top of the other piece with the ruffle stitched to it RST.
Pin in place
7.  After pinning, flip the scarf over so you can see the previous stitch line.
8.  Stitch in place following that same stitch as a guide.  Make sure to leave about a 4″ opening to turn the scarf right side out.
9.  Clip all four corners and turn right side out
10.  Hand stitch the 4″ opening closed
And your done!
Go knock ’em dead with your new fierce scarf
If you make a scarf, please make sure to post to the Flickr group so we can all see your fierce-ness
Again, Thanks to Andrea for including me in the Make It For Winter Celebration….Can’t wait to see what comes next!

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  1. says

    Awesome scarf!! I’m going to make one of these for next winter. Even though we are going into summer down here, it’ll be popped away in the wardrobe to knock ’em dead come winter next year. Thanks for sharing.

  2. says

    Very cute! I think I love the adult one even more than the little one! Mind you, your awesome choice of fabric doesn’t hurt one bit.

    And hey, your hubby didn’t do too bad. Mine is notorious for being a 12 year old boy and taking pictures of my boobs zoomed in when I ask him to take pictures. Even maternity shots. Hence the small collection of tripods.

  3. says

    Oh man!!! I was waiting for this! I can’t wait to make it…if I can fit it in..somewhere…thanks so much!! :-)

    Would it be okay if I posted a write-up about your blog? I don’t have a lot of followers or anything, lol, I just enjoy writing about things I love, and I love many of your projects. :-)

  4. says

    I love this and will definitely be making one for my daughter this year. She would love your version as she’s totally enamored with zebras.

    I just found you through Train to Crazy. I’ll definitely be back.

    I host a weekly link party on Wednesdays. I’ve love it if you come link up some week!

  5. says

    So so cute and what a great alternative to crocheting and knitting! The ruffles are the perfect touch and your tute is excellent. Not to take away from your scarf and least of all the pretty red flower pin, but your model is gorgeous!

  6. says

    I’m a scarf junkie and LOVE this!! I can only sew a little, wonder if I could pull this off?……thanks for the great tutorial (and GORGEOUS model)!
    I stumbled your post!!

  7. Anonymous says

    I’m sewing one of these, with a non jersey kind of knit, should I be trying to finish the raw edges of the ruffle? I am a little nervous because I was given this fabric and I’m not totally certain that it won’t fray. Advice? Anyone?

  8. says

    I haven’t done a LOT of sewing, so forgive me if this is a “DUH” question (although I see the person above me has the same Q.): Do you leave edges of the ruffle raw? If so, then the fabric has to be knit so it won’t unravel, right?


  9. says

    Anonymous & Rachel~
    Yes I used knit for this project and suggest it. There are several different types of knit, but they all should have the same characteristic of not fraying. What I would do to test it is by looking at the raw edge of your fabric and if it is fraying there, then it will fray. You can use Recycled Tshirts, interlock knit, ribbed knit, etc. Hope that helps!

  10. says

    Another note: If you would rather use regular cotton fabric, you can just double the fabric over before you ruffle. Just keep in mind that the ruffling technique I show MAY NOT work. You may have to ruffle by pulling threads.

  11. says

    Thank you! I have to say that I normally don’t straight out copy someone, I will usually pick different material, but I couldn’t resist with this fabric. I had to have one! I did switch up the pin and made one in a fall yellow (and not out of wool felt, but cashmere fleece instead because my Hancock doesn’t carry wool felt) I love it, I don’t think I will look nearly as adorable as your model, but at least I will have one crazy cute scarf. :)

  12. says

    Please help! I bought this smae fabric and everythig was going smooth until I tried to ruffle. I have a janome and set the tension as high as it would go with a long stich but it won’t ruffle. Any tips? I have only been sewing about a year and know how to make a ruffle with a ling stich then pull but i could not even get that to work. I am making these for gifts this year. Thanks so much for sharing.

    [email protected]

  13. says

    Thanks so much for this cute tut. Just a side-note… you may want to use a heavier knit than t-shirt knit. Mine got all twisty and strange. oh well, still cute. :)

  14. says

    I just tried this! My friend and sister L.O.V.E Hello Kitty and I found a flannel, purple, print to use.
    I improvised by using 1 & 1/2 yards of fabric. So my scarfs came in a little longer. Also I had to fold the ruffle in 1/2 because I didn’t want the ends to fray. It still came out super cute. I think less ruffle worked for the scarf because it’s just so bold anyway. THANK YOU!!! for helping make some precious holiday gifts for them!


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