Tutorial: The Chrysi Pin

Now that Fall and Winter are upon us, I can’t wait to start making some cold weather pieces.  First on the list was this Fall Brooch.
I mainly made it to wear with the scarf I am sharing with you tomorrow {Gorgeous!}, but as I made more, I realized how versatile it really is!
Of course, adorning a coat lapel is always in order…
And, sprucing up an old purse does the trick too!
This pin is easy to make and easy to wear…
Thinking about Christmas, I imagine these would make fabulous gifts for the women in your life.
And if any of the “women in my life” are reading this blog, sorry to spoil the surprise, but your gettin’ one.
Wanna make One?  or Two?  or Ten?
1/4 yard wool blend felt (sold at Joann’s on the bolt or find here)
      (enough for one and a half brooches, so 1/2 yard will make 2)
Coordinating thread
Chrysi Template HERE
Hot Glue Gun


Pin Back
1.  Cut Qty 6.  7″ squares out of the felt
2.  Take one piece and fold it in half


3. Now fold it in half the other way, so it makes a square.  Place your Chrisyi template on the folded edge corner


4.  Cut and unfold to reveal your shape
5.  Fold the flower shape in half, making sure the petals are alternating as shown
6.  Now fold it in half to get this blossom effect
7.  Using a full 1 inch seam allowance, straight stitch the corner down
I used white thread here for you to see, but use a coordinating thread instead so it does not show on the pin
Repeat with the other 5 squares.
8.  Cut another felt piece at 3″ diameter
9.  Place one of the blossoms on the felt piece and hot glue in place
10.  Repeat with the remaining three blossoms, so now you have 4 glued down
11.  For the next two blossoms, cut the tip off about 1/4″ away from the seam and glue down in the center.  Cutting the tip makes it much easier to maneuver down into the middle of the flower
12.  Grab one pin backing
13.  Hot glue it in place
You likey?  Me likey!  I really want to make a charcoal grey one… and I was thinking of doing a different colored center.  Charcoal Grey on the outside and then a muted pink on the inside…mmmmm
I hope you make one, if you do, post it in the Flickr group so we can see!
Don’t forget to come back tomorrow for the Mamma Ruffle Scarf

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  1. says

  2. says

    this is truly amazing and wonderful — and mostly b/c it is so simple!
    as the sole-female in my house, i’m always looking for things to make me more “girl” this is just the thing. can’t wait to find just the right color of felt and then i’m bringing out the glue gun and makin’ myself one of those!!

  3. says

    So cute i love this. if you ever would like to be featured or would like to share a recipe or a find (re-do furniture) please come become a follower and email us…Great site and were a new follower as well!!!!

  4. says

    this is really chic! I will definitely be making a few of these, they would make great gift wrap bows for a few special friends-thanks for sharing!
    I’m stopping by from Fingerprints on the fridge.

  5. says

    ¡muchas gracias por compartir este tutorial, y tantos otros!
    hice una (en un abrir y cerrar de ojos ^.^), pero no pude publicar la foto en Flickr, aún no entiendo porqué…lo siento.
    Hasta pronto!

  6. says

    Definitely going to make some of these they look great. useful for so many projects as well as being super cute on their own. thanks for the tute :)

  7. says

    Wow! Love your pics, and the tutorial is easy to follow… I’m inspired! THinking I will make these to decorate holiday packages (for the ladies) and then they can remove and wear! Thank YOU!

  8. says

    Thanks you so much for linking up to Felt Week! I love the flower you made. I am going to try this one for sure! I hope to see you again at Crafters Anonymous Club!

  9. Leah says

    Ok have a question. I bought 1/4 of yd got ready to start cutting and realize that I cannot get 6 – 7″ squares out of my cut of fabric. To get 6 even cuts they would have to be 6 1/4. Do you think it will still work? I am behind on projects and running into difficulty on many of them so just want to seek your advice before I started cutting and tweaking. Thanks. btw love the pattern and am really looking forward to making one of these for my mom. (the fabric was expensive or I would have bought more) :)

  10. says

    Bummer! I love this felt flower and I started making one out of kelly green felt for St. Patrick’s day BUT the felt I’m using must be a lot thinner then yours so it’s floppy and has no form. I’m going to have to try this again with a different felt. I was just so excited to whip this up today. But this is a wonderful tutorial and I wanted to thank you for sharing it.

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