AMH Patchwork Sleeping Sack

Does anyone else have this new sewing book?  Anyone else love it?

I literally want to do every project in here, minus the maternity.  But that’s just cause I know I will NEVER be pregnant again…but boy….If I was….watch out Pea in a Pod, you’d have some competition!

This is Anna Maria herself….pregnant with her fifth child…while writing this book!
She has great projects for the whole family, like this manly dad bag.
And how ca-ute is this little Hen and Chicks?
But, this is the one that caught my eye first… I had a little gift to make for a friend that just had a baby and I thought this was the perfect project.
Front                                                       Back
This is the third child (second daughter) for my friend and when you get that deep into baby making, there isn’t a whole lot of shower-throwing and gift-lavishing.  I wanted to make this extra special for her.
As I was choosing the fabrics I was thinking autumn colors, yet tried to keep it feminine, without being too frilly.
Just imagine being tucked inside that flannel lining to stay warm and cozy
The instructions are very well written and construction was surprisingly easy
I will definitely be making more as little ones arrive on this earth.
If you are wondering about the actual patchwork, Anna Maria does not elaborate, or at least from what my ADD mind could see.
So, my next post will be all about
See you then…

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  1. says

    i saw this over on sew much ado and i cam right over to check it out….you did such a beautiful job. it is so perfect for a little girl without being pink or purple and it is especially sweet of you to make sure that your friend having this baby feels special even though it is her third.

  2. says

    That flannel lining is so pretty. I’ve made two of these sacks for our very soon to be born boy and I love how cozy and adorable they turn out. Well done!

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