Tutorial: Popsicle Ruffle Top

This reminds me of a Popsicle for some reason….the colors are so summery.  I can just imagine sucking Popsicles in this shirt, errr, at least my kids…I don’t do that kind of stuff anymore 😉 

This is a top in a series that I have made for the Elsie Marley Kids Clothing Challenge.  This top takes a little more time than the White Ruffle Top I made last time
If you’d like to make one for your punk(ette) than just follow along…
Popsicle Ruffle Top
  You will need:
  • Plain T-Shirt
  • 5 Different color knit fabrics for ruffles (I used thrifted T’s and knit yardage)
  • Thread that matches color of shirt
  • Thread that matches color of top ruffle
Here are the knits I decided on for my shirt
And here is the shirt…It doesn’t even have to be a new one.  I chose this one to cover up the stain that screamed at me every time she wore it.  Measure your shirt from the front neckline to the bottom hem.  Mine was 12″.  I knew I wanted larger ruffles this time and I wanted them to go all the way to the hem.  You need approximately 3/4″ of the ruffle hiding behind the one in front of it, so after doing all the adding, I knew I needed my ruffle height to be 3″ per color.
Arrange the colors however you like
Now, I knew I wanted my ruffle width to be 6″ on the shirt…how did I arrive at that you ask?  Well, I just eye-balled how wide I wanted the ruffle to be and measured  :)  Whatever width you decide on, you need to double it.  I wanted mine to be 6″, so I cut my strips at 12″.  So here I have 5 pieces cut at 3″ x 12″. (disregard all the matching thread..that was a little too ambitious)
Now take your top piece and run a basting stitch using the same colored thread at the top about 1/8″ from the edge. DO NOT BACK STITCH!
(from this point forward, excuse the bad lighting…late night work!)
Pull the top thread on both sides to create your ruffle
Ta-da!  Now go and ruffle the other four pieces and then come back :)
Take the top ruffle and place it right on top of your neckline, overlapping it just a bit.  You don’t want the neckline to peek thru when it is being worn
Stitch down using the top ruffle thread color.  Go ahead and stitch right on top of the ruffling stitch
Your next step will be to put the bottom ruffle on.  This is to make sure you get your spacing correct.  So, attach the bottom ruffle so that the bottom of the ruffle is even with the bottom hem.  Sew right on top of the gathering stitch with the shirt colored thread
Next, place the 4th tier above the bottom tier (green for mine) and pin in place.  You want it to overlap the bottom tier and cover all the stitching
(approx 1/2-3/4″)  Sew right on top of the gathering stitch to secure in place
Continue with the third tier, using the same method
and the second tier….  Mine need to have a slight curve in order to match the curve of the top tier.  Just eye it and pin in place and stitch down
And your all done!
Now go make some!   And don’t forget to post it to the “Some Punk Flikr Pool” so we can see all of your handi-work
I LOVE Ruffle T’s with jeans
And I love it with the white shorts….so Palm Beach!

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  1. says

    Very cute! My girls would love this rainbow shirt as they’d call it! Come link at my very first party….

  2. says

    Super cute! Your projects amaze me each week! Love all the colors! Thanks so much for joining The Sunday Showcase Party. I greatly appreciate it! ~ Stephanie Lynn

  3. says

    Thanks for giving me a solution to the new shirt I just got that magically had a stain on it the minute it came out of the dryer. Thanks for linking to Craftastic Monday!

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