Tutorial: Land of Nod inspired Floor Cushion

After browsing page after page of Land~of~Nod and Pottery Barn Kids for years, I’ve decided to take the bull by the horns and make my own stuff! 
First on the list: 
One Seater Floor Cushion

If you’d like to make your own, here’s what you’ll need:

  • 1 yard Home Dec Fabric
  • 2 pkgs. 1/2 ” pre made piping
  • Contrasting Thread
  • 16-24oz. Fiberfill, depending on how lofty you want it

I started first by drawing my own 17″ diameter circle.  I had searched the Internet for a template to just print out, but couldn’t find.  Thankfully, for some unknown reason, I had a thingamajig compass in my craft storage.  So, I reverted back to 5th grade and figured out how to make a nice round 17″ circle!  It was super easy…you can too!


Next, cut out all your pieces.
You will need:
 2 of the 17″ circles (top and bottom)
1 piece cut at 9″x51.5″ (side) **you will have to piece this together if your fabric is 45″**
2 pieces cut at 3″ x 12″ (handle)
 Begin by pinning your piping directly on to one of the circles,
making sure to line up raw edges
 When you get to the end, overlap pieces and bend them at an angle
Using a contrasting thread, stitch right on top of the stitching that is on your premade piping.  Make sure to use a contrasting thread that is easy to see on the wrong side of your fabric (this will make sense later). 
Sew both circles this way
 Now lets work on the handle.  Lay the piping on the right side of either lengthwise side and pin in place, matching raw edges.  Sew in place.
Place the other handle piece on top and using your previous stitching as a guide (this is where the contrasting thread comes in handy), stitch the two pieces together on the sides only, leaving about 1/4″ from the sides free so it is easy to fold under once you turn right side out. 
Turn the handle right side out and fold in the small ends, iron if needed.  Edge stitch in coordinating thread on the small ends to close
So this is what you should have so far! Pretty!
Now lets move on:
Take your large side piece and pin it carefully to one of the circles,
right sides together and matching raw edges. 
Make sure to leave about 1″ free on the end.  Do not pull too hard, and make sure to compensate for the curve of the circle
Pin all the way around until you come to the other end. 
You will see that your two pieces will come together nicely.
Pin the width-wise seam together and sew a 1/2″ seam.  Once that is sewn,
finish pinning the rest down to the circle
Now, again using your previous stitching from when you sewed
on the bias tape, stitch right on top
to sew the two pieces together
Turn right side out and position where you want your handle. 
I just centered it on one side and pinned into place.  Make sure to leave some slack in the middle so its easy to carry.
Double stitch around for reinforcement and stitch an X for extra strength
Turn wrong side out again and pin the other circle just like the other one.  This time leave an opening wide enough to turn and stuff with fiberfill.  Stitch in place, again, using the contrasting stitching as a guide
Turn right side out and fill with fiberfill.
Hand stitch closed and you’re DONE!!
Now, go make your punks some floor pillows to sit on
or use as a table
or to just lug around

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Keeping up with the Punks!

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  1. says

    What a great idea AND tutorial. Thanks for sharing. I will definitely be bookmarking this one. Now I just need the time…:)

  2. says

    What a great idea and tutorial! I am planning on making 2 to slide underneath my boys train table – a little extra cushion for their knees! Thx for sharing!

  3. MidwestManiac says

    Such a great tutorial! I too had been swooning over the high-priced, unoriginal looking items in PB/LON. I made one yesterday immediately after reading this posting, for my nephew. It turned out rockin’!

  4. says

    These are fabulous! And I am sure they will be well used. I had to laugh at the name of your blog. They aren’t real punks till they get to be teenagers!LOL

  5. says

    Those are amazing! You could sell those and make a fortune. You make it look as if even a novice seamstress can make one. Woo Hoo!

    Thanks for linking to Woo Hoo! Wednesday and sharing this great tutorial.

  6. says

    You are talented! And I love the material you used. My mom always wanted to teach me to sew, but I never wanted anything to do with it. How I wish I’d listened to her now. =( These are gorgeous! ~Robyn

  7. says

    You truly are a talented seamstress. Even if I followed every one of your steps exact. I always tend to mess something up. I really love them though!

  8. says

    That is SO CUTE. Those would work wonders for movie night or even quiet time events. I love the tutorial, thank you for your hard work! They look great!

    I would love it if you checked out my site for a CSN give away! Have a wonderful day! alittleknickknack.blogspot.com

  9. says

    I’m a new reader, just stumbled across your blog in some way that I can’t even remember now, and I totally followed you! So excited to make this cushion, though I think I’m going to need my mom’s help since I’m more of a novice sewer (as in, I’d have a hard time differentiating between a sewing machine and a rock). Thanks for the awesome tutorial!

  10. says

    I’m tempted to make these for preschool! Right now the kids sit on my hardwood floor for singing time. (the rest of the time we are on carpet) This would be great! Thanks for the detailed tutorial!

  11. says

    Oh wow! I can’t believe you made those! I LOVE them! You need to sell these for sure! I would buy one in a heart beat ’cause I know I could never make one myself, even with your great tutorial! Thanks so much for sharing this with us at Sweet Charli!

  12. says

    Love this tutorial! I just finished my 2nd one today and they are so fun. I totally copied your boy version! I made a different one for my girl though, probably because I didn’t have the fabric you used. My punks love them, and it was so nice to make something for my boy for a change! Keep up the good work!

  13. says

    wow so I was so looking for some neat new floor pillow tutorials cause my nephew is old enough to walk now and loves dragging my pillows everywhere! THANKS! Your an amazing tut writer :) <3

  14. says

    I’ve seen several versions of this- – but I really love yours the best!! Thank you for the tutorial. I hope to put it on the list of “someday” when I have the time to make this. :) Great inspiration!


  15. says

    WOW! You’re a talented lady!! This is amazing!

    Thank you for submitting your link to my party! I just wanted to say that it’s a Link Party meant for CELEBRATIONS :)

    I guess I’ll make that clearer next month, as I’ve had a few non related links..

    Thanks anyway for taking the time to link up! I love your blog! :)

    Have a great Mother’s Day!

  16. says

    Hey Its Cheri from Its So Very Cheri and the DIY Club inc.

    Thank you for entering the DIY Club inc event.

    I came by to check out your project and follow along and I hope you will do the same.

    I don’t see any of the required products used in the REQUIRED LIST. We realize some people accidentally entered the wrong parties. We are working on adding more amazing products to add to the list so you gals will have even more products to work with.

    If you have a project you would like to enter that meets the guidelines we would love to see your projects. You are a very crafty and talented gal.

    Your cushion is really cute. I would love to have you add it to my party Its So Very Creative-it will be up Sunday Night.

    Cheri for the DIY Club inc

  17. says

    wow these are so great and look like you could have definitely bought them from PB or LON, good job, love the fabric choices. I think I’m going to have to make these for sure! Thanks for sharing.

  18. says

    Seriously – These are the coolest ever!! Amazing tutorial!!! Would love to have you link these up to the party!!!Hope you are enjoying your weekend! Happy Mommy’s Day! You’ve done an amazing job on these! Love Them! ~ Stpehanie Lynn

  19. says

    Susan, I love these – They look like they are straight out of the catalog..only better! Great tutorial too! I’ll be featuring these today. Thanks so much for joining the Sunday Showcase Party! I greatly appreciate it. You can pick up a featured button if you like. Thanks again! These are fabulous! ~ Stephanie Lynn

  20. says

    LOVE this… love it! What a great (and useful!) way to use gorgeous fabric to tie your decor together.
    We have a friday fun find linky party every week (on fridays, of course)… we’d love it if you’d link to this!

  21. says

    These are so pretty and would be so nice to have! I would love to feature this for Favorite Things Friday this week! Come stop by my blog if you would like a featured button!

  22. says

    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE how your cushions turned out! I actually went out and bought some fabric and have started working on a cushion for a birthday party this weekend. I’ll let you know when I finish it since I’ll be posting it on my blog! Thanks for the GREAT tutorial!

  23. says

    This is great and I love that green & pink damask! Definitely need to make some for my kiddies. Thanks for linking up to Craftastic Monday!!

  24. says

    This is really awesome! I’m a beginner sewer, but your instructions are so clear that even I might be able to make this! Thank you!

  25. says

    I love these, thank you so much! Would you mind sharing what fabric they each are? I love the fabric, and would love to make one of each. Thanks!

  26. says

    Wow, this is fantastic! I think this is going to have to go right to the top of my project list. I would love to link to this if you didn’t mind.

  27. says

    Hey everyone! Thanks for all the comments. I do not know who the manufacturer of the fabric is :( I did purchase both very recently from Joann’s tho. It is a home decorator fabric that they have in stock on the bolt. I also have started a flikr pool because I want to see what you all have done! Please post your completed cushions there…can’t wait to see them

  28. says

    Hi..I’m Barb….I am from tip junkie. Great idea!! Good Job!!
    I am your newest follower. I hope you will get a chance to visit my blog @ santasgiftshoppe.blogspot.com
    & get inspired by something for your family/home. I hope you will follow me as well. Nice to meet ya new friend!!!

  29. says

    Love, love, love these!! I want some for my kiddos!! I am featuring this as part of ‘Look at me, I’m SO Crafty!’ at Fun to Craft. Thanks for linking up and come by and snag a featured button!!

  30. says

    Don’t know how I found this tutorial, but I’m so glad I did!! I’ve been wanting to make some moroccain styled floor cushions and now I have a template to follow!


  31. says

    We’ll be featuring your fabulous cushion tomorrow… come on by and grab a button (and see if you won the giveaway! I haven’t drawn yet, so even I don’t know- haha!).
    Thanks for linking up!

  32. says

    Oh. My. Goodness. I came over from Kojo Designs. AWESOME. Since I’m WAY too lazy to pick out piping, I’ll make these from the 30 YARDS of home dec fabric I picked up at IKEA last year (umm…yeah. oops.) All I need to buy are two bags of fiberfill! Dude…I think I need to make like SIX of these.

    Thanks again!

  33. says

    So very cute! Awesome bday gift!!! Thanks for sharing and for linking to my party! Hope to see more of your awesome projects next Thursday! Have a great weekend!


  34. says

    I just found you and I am so loving that you took the bull by the horns and made these! They are amazing and I love the fabric. I love that you call your kids punks, too funny! You’ve got another follower!

    Check me out, I am doing my first giveaway!

  35. says

    This is really quite fabulous! I love the pink & green fabric you used for one of them! Thanks so much for linking up at Sharing Time! I hope you’ll link up again next week! :)

  36. says

    thanks for the tutorial! i think i might actually be able to make one of these! i would love a few of these for my little guys room!

  37. Anonymous says

    Just made one!!Thanks for the great instructions, the next one should be so much faster :)……-Tracie

  38. says

    Hey Susan, this post will be featured on my blog tomorrow as my favourite sewing project from last week’s Sharing Time. Just wanted to let you know! :)

  39. says

    These are amazing!!! I want on too! Made out of Halloween fabric I am bound to have leftover if I ever finish my quilt LOL. Have bookmarked, will make 😉

  40. says

    Awesome tutorial. I have been wanting to learn how to use my sewing machine since I got it 2 Christmas’s ago. Yesterday I got it out, watched the video that came with it to figure out how thread the needle, then I started this project. It turned out great thanks to your step by step explanation. My 2 year old son is taking a nap now, but I can’t wait for him to see the finished product when he wakes up. I even used the same fabric (only with red piping) as you because I wanted to make sure I was doing it right:) Plus, I really like it. I am posting pictures to the flikr pool now.

  41. says

    Hi, I’m laying out my fabric to make one of these and noticed that given the diameter (17 inches) the circumference of the circle is 2 inches longer than the fabric strip length you gave (you said 51.5 inches, I came up with 53.5 inches when I did the math). Is this to give the pillow some poof or why is that? Thanks!

  42. says


    The amount will be eaten up alittle bit in having to compensate for the turning, plus, the seam allowance is in there too. Your seam allowancwe may end up being a full one inch… I just didnt want you to end up with too little fabric. Does that make sense?

  43. Anonymous says

    I’m so excited that I happened upon your blog tonight. We’re in the process of turning our theater room into a playroom. I was given about 50lbs of fabric last weekend and it contained this great piece that I thought I’d turn into round floor pillows for the playroom. I was going to wing it but now I don’t have to-I can use your tutorial. I can’t wait to get started.

  44. says

    You made this look easy. Like I could do it. Sooo, I got a little crazy and bought fabric and stuff and am doing this TONIGHT! If they aren’t as cute as yours, we are soooo life enemies!


  45. says

    hey Susan! It´s me Clau from Handmade Con Amor again. I just wanted to stop by and say “I MADE IT!” Thanks so much, I´ll be posting my floor cushion with a link directly back to your wonderful blog…. gracias! Clau

  46. says

    Have you though about adding a zipper and maybe enclosing the stuffing in cotton fabric so that the outside would be removable/machine washable? Or do you just spray it with lots of scotch guard?

  47. says

    Just made it. I didn’t add piping though, used my biggest embroidery hoop around 18 inches as my circle template…(lazy me to draft a new template!)

    I also added zipper and made it like a removable cover, with the normal cloth filled with polyfill inside, so that i can remove it and wash the external cover….

  48. says

    I love how detailed your tutorial is! Seating is very limited in my small apartment so I am very excited to try this out! I’m thinking I’m going to try square? I’m pretty excited =)

  49. Anonymous says

    The cushions are brilliant.
    I’ve never come across pre made piping before. Is this different from regular bias tape?

  50. says

    Another fab project. My “kid” is in his 40’s, so won’t fit on this :) , but I’m going to try your pattern and adjust it a bit to see if I can make a bed for my kitty out of some of the scrap material I have around. If it works out I’ll let you know!!

  51. says

    How stinkin cute!!!!!! And it looks simnple enough that I might be able to make one!!!! Um, if I can figure out how to thread my sewing machine…….lol. Sadly enough I am serious :( Just found your blog and LOVE IT!!! Became a follower cuz I am so glad I’m not the only mom with punks…..lol. But I have 5 boy type punks….sheeeeesh :)

  52. says

    Thank you SO much for posting this tutorial. What a fun and adorable project! I’ll post on Flickr as soon as I take a decent photo. It’s tutorials like your that keep beginners like me motivated to learn! You rock!

  53. says

    Brilliant tutorial, I have just cut outmy fabric for the cushion ans was wonding if you could tell me how much piping i need as it says needs two packs and I was going to make my own. Whats the length in a pack?

  54. says

    Im halfway through making this and found today that the 51.5″ x 12″ strip isnt long enough luckily I was using leftover fabric from some curtains I shortened so had a longer 56″ piece this was just enough did anyone else find this or is it just me? I did re-check that my circles are 17″ across

  55. says

    I really want to make these using quilting cotton line that doesn’t come in Home Dec weight. Any suggestions on how to make this work? Can I just use heavy interfacing with the fabric instead? Thanks so much for your help!

  56. says

    Wow this was the best tutorial I have used in a long time. Just made one up in the space of one nap! You did a great job on this and made my sewing experience a breeze! Thanks for my new cushion!

  57. says

    I just found your awesome little world…where were you when my trolls were that age??!! This pillow tutorial is on my list of things to make, regardless of the fact that zombies are way cooler to a teenager than cute little pillows with handles on them, or so say the trolls that reside here. Cheers!!
    Miss Charlotte

  58. says

    Love the tutorial! Used the idea to make three cushions for my kids which I posted on my blog (linking to your blog with the tutorial). Great job!

  59. says

    I found a link to this post and had to come check it out! You made it sound like I could even do it and I hardly ever sew (as in I try once or twice every couple years!). I may still send this off to my MIL who is an expert! Thanks so much… very cool! I had been looking for floor poofs and this would be a great alternative!

  60. says

    So cute! Found a link to your blog through The Creative Imperative and had to come and check it out (now following too). Can’t wait to make a few of these pillows and I thik that they would look great stacked up in my living room as decor!:)

  61. says

    Fantastic! I can’t wait to try this! I’ll be sure to link back when I blog about it so others can see what a great tutorial this was. :)

  62. says

    bummer, my compass only makes a 12″ circle. anyone know another way to make a 17″ circle? maybe i’ll see if I have a big enough bowl…

  63. says

    I have made two of these for my kids! So easy and they ADORE them! I’m new to blogging and have put my pictures up and a link to your tutorial, I hope that’s ok?! Thanks, Lucy

  64. says

    It serves me right to follow you over from Lucy’s new blog…what a delightful idea..you are good sweetie…I love your wee buglet with both her domes…YOU need print friendly with these kind of tuts sew we can save them..right to me..I will send you the link..it is pretty easy to add on to your blog..your peeps will thank you…bless you for following your gifts and sharing them..

  65. says

    I LOVE the land of nod too…..and find myself, now living north of the boarder, wanting lots of items I should have bought while in the land of stars and stripes.
    However, my hubby and I need to do a run to the boarder….so I can finally get my PR card here in Canada so US$ watch out……I just hope that there is a Target close…(I do know that I don’t actually have to cross – but seems like an opportunity not to be missed!) As long as Canadian Immigration lets me back in ……….:O)x
    got coupons from The land of nod coupons

  66. says

    Thank you soooo much for the tutorial! I have been looking for the perfect floor pillow for my girls but was not able to find one. These are so perfect!!!! I am going to have to make 2(one for each girl). Thank you again so much!

  67. says

    Hey! Your project was adapted by Sherry over at Young House Love during her Pinterest Challenge this morning, which inspired me to check out your blog. I will definitely be putting one of these together soon! Thanks for the great tutorial.

  68. says

    Brilliant tutorial! Thank you so very much. I am a novice sewer but was thrilled to make this pillow cushion for my daughter. I think I said “I made that!” At least 100 times.
    Thank you!

  69. says

    I’m thrilled about my first cushion. I saw your revised post with the zipper and would love to get the measurements and instructions for incorporating a zipper. Thanks!

  70. says

    If one wanted to make the floor pillow a different diameter, the circumference (length of the rectangular piece of fabric) can be determined by using this handy dandy calculator: http://math.about.com/library/blcirclecalculator.htm OR if one wants to figure it out using Pi, go here for instructions: http://www.wikihow.com/Calculate-the-Circumference-of-a-Circle

    FANTASTIC tutorial. One of the best tutorials (for anything) that I’ve seen. Thanks!

  71. says

    I know this tutorial is “old” but i am hoping you still visit for comments…. loved the step by step instructions, I made my first one tonight… but yours seems to be “sturdier” you used polyfill for the stuffing, correct” how much did you use?

  72. says

    These are just perfect,I was thinking of those expensive fancy kids chairs, but this is much better. I also like them more than beanbags because they have structure!!! I just finished two, one pink stripe and one blue stripe ( my little girl likes blue!)I made them slightly bigger, 18in. Will post pics on your photo stream once they are stuffed.
    speaking of stuffing, I was thinking of using beanbag stuffing, any ideas or advice on weather it would work? i dont want the floor pillow to flop, want it to keep its shape. but I saw big bags of beanbag stuffing at walmart the other day and it popped into my head!!!
    thank you for the wonderful tutorial.

  73. says

    I just made this cushion yesterday……I am new to sewing and this project looks amazing and I feel like I actually made something half decent! I have never used the premade trim before net along ever heard of it…so this entire project was a fun learning experience. It was fun going to Joann’s fabric store trying to figure out what I needed to buy etc…including the trim. I was amazed at how beautiful the cushion came out. I am planning on making more for gifts. Thank you for keeping this page up, as it looks like its been up for a few years. This is the best thing I have ever made! Thank you so much!!

  74. says

    I just made this cushion yesterday……I am new to sewing and this project looks amazing and I feel like I actually made something half decent! I have never used the premade trim before net along ever heard of it…so this entire project was a fun learning experience. It was fun going to Joann’s fabric store trying to figure out what I needed to buy etc…including the trim. I was amazed at how beautiful the cushion came out. I am planning on making more for gifts. Thank you for keeping this page up, as it looks like its been up for a few years. This is the best thing I have ever made! Thank you so much!!

  75. says

    Do you think you make this taller so it could be used as an foot stool? Changing the size of the pieces would be easy but would it hold its shape well enough?
    Thanks for the great idea!!

  76. says

    I did a quick search of all the comments for “wash” but didn’t find what I was looking for – does home dec fabric have to be washed before using it? i’m not going to make a zip-off cover, just spot clean, so the cushion won’t ever be machine washed. thank you for a great tutorial!

  77. says

    These pillows are awesome! I was thinking of creating a reading nook for my kids and these pillows would be perfect. I’m new to sewing, but I can’t wait to try my hand at this. If it doesn’t work, I’m glad to know I can purchase one of yours.

  78. says

    Thank you for this tutorial – it’s one of the best I’ve seen. I’m a totally novice sewer and was able to make one of these. I did have a little puckering, but I’m confident my next one will be even better. Any chance you can give us a tutorial on a square one, too? Also, I need a tutorial on adding a zipper!

  79. says

    OMG! Thank you for this tutorial. A friend found a picture on Pinterest and luckily it pointed me toward you and your blog post. I just made one for her son and I love it! Do you mind if I write a blog post about finding your tutorial and trying it myself? I will only link to your post and not copy your text. My blog is http://www.GeminiRedCreations.com/blog if you want to look first before giving a response. Thanks again!

  80. says

    Made this over the weekend as a shower gift. I’m tired of giving onesies and burp clothes. :). Thank you so much for the great tutorial. I’m no longer scared of piping and I’m totally looking forward to making more of these!!

  81. says

    I am going to make this as a newborn photography prop.I’m so excited because I searched all over the internet for a pattern or tutorial for a round ottoman that wasn’t too big for this purpose, and it took me hours to find your blog! Anyone else planning on using it for this should use rice to fill not beads, it will make it much heavier, but will give your infant a firm surface so they don’t sink in too much to be seen in the picture!

  82. says

    I have leftover fabric from my daughter’s curtains and would love to make one of these. It’s just a basic cotton though. Do you think it would hold up ok? Thanks!

  83. says


    I am hoping to make some of these for my boys, and was wondering if you think regular cotton print would be okay? I just can’t seem to find any cute decor fabric to match their rooms!

    Thanks so much! :)

  84. says

    I have been looking at these in stores, but just couldn’t spring for the cost. This is perfect & looks easy to do – thanks for the tutorial.

  85. says

  86. says

    Ok, third attempt at posting a comment/question. Sorry if they are posting and I’m just not seeing them.
    Love these floor cushions and as someone who is totally new to sewing, I appreciate the detailed tutorial. I just made one this past week but am clueless on hand stitching. Everything I’ve done since learning to sew a couple of months ago has been on a machine. Can you give some guidance on resources for hand stitching? Which stitch did you use so that it didn’t show?
    Thanks for the inspiration and the tutorial!

  87. says

    Sorry Kim, I can’t email you back because you are a no reply blogger. That means I have no way to reply to you. If you want to email me your email address I can help you.

  88. says

    Hi Susan – sorry….in addition to being new to sewing, I’m new to the whole world of blogs as a wealth of inspiration and ideas. I honestly don’t even know what it means to be a “no reply blogger.” Eeek. I tried to change my settings but I think it’s even tied to an old email address. I’m a mess. Ha. I actually went into my local fabric boutique today where I’ve taken a lot of classes and she showed me how to do a hidden running stitch so I stitched it close and voila, it’s beautiful. Thanks for getting back to me though!!

  89. says

    So glad you were able to get the help you needed. I think no reply blogger status is the default unless you change it. A lot of people don’t even realize that’s why they never get a response ;). Glad you were able to finish up and enjoy the cushion!

  90. says

    So, I don’t sew a whole lot and I’m a bit confused by the bias tape thing. There is single fold and double fold. Yours looks like double fold but it also looks stitched. Is piping different from bias tape? Or did you use double fold and just throw stitches in to reinforce it??

  91. says

    Thanks for an easy how to! I have been wanting one of these for my daughter, but didn’t want to spend the money from the stores. I just finished making one and it was super simple! She loves it and the handle was a great idea since she loves to tote it around the house!

  92. says

    Ok I am trying to figure out the piping…in your list of materials needed you list piping (I don’t have a Joann’s nearby so I looked online to try to order some and was having no luck….) then I read a comment where you said pre made piping is sold right next to the bias tape usually…so when I googled pre made piping I found some I could order. Then I really closely read through each step of your tutorial and in the steps you refer to the piping as bias tape throughout, and it doesn’t look like there is a cord inside in your pictures, it just looks like folded over bias tape (I think? I’ve never used that either!). Anyway, I am super new to sewing and I don’t know what exactly it is I’m supposed to be using. Could you please clarify that for me? Thanks!

  93. says

    Thank you for posting this and sharing this information! I was in the same boat, looking at expensive floor cushions when it dawned on me to just make my own! With this fantastic tutorial I’m certain I’ll be able to pull it off! :-)

  94. Jo says

    Love this pattern and am so excited to be making it finally – just a suggestion though – Could you include how long the binding needs to be? I live in Australia and have no idea how much binding comes in a package of binding. Gotta go back to the store tomorrow to get more as I’ve come up short. Ended up having to remember my highschool maths (never a good start) and do pi x D to get the circumference and then convert to centimetres to figure out that you need 270cm of piping without the handle! That hurt my brain… So for the other Aussies who might need this – Buy at least 3metres!

  95. Laurie says

    Awesome tute! But I re-measured all of my fabric and I’m still coming up short on the long strip to fit all the way around the circles. I think you have the wrong numbers.

    • Susan says

      Hmmm…. that is the first I have heard of that! An easy fix is to just add on to the strip. You should have plenty of leftover fabric for it :) Sorry you had trouble!

  96. says

    I have a remnant of printed duck fabric that I’m going to try this out on. It’s not quite a yard of fabric, but hopefully I can make it work. Maybe I will just downsize the circles a little bit, and leave off the handle. Then I should have enough fabric. Hopefully. Thanks for the great tutorial, I am a very beginner sewer, and this looks like something I could handle. Can’t wait to try it out with my new fabric! I didn’t know what to do with it but now I do!

  97. Celina Galvan says

    Thanks for the tutorial. Very easy to follow. I made my first pouf and am working on my second. The thing that takes the longest time is creating the 17 inch circle pattern. The only issue I had is filling the area at the closure site sufficiently to not leave an empties spot on the pouf. Thanks again!

  98. Karen says

    If you make the side piece exactly 54″, then sew a 1/2″ seam BEFORE you pin it to either half, it’s a perfect fit. Basic math… circumference of a 17″ circle is (removing a few decimals) 53″. Add an inch to be chewed up by the seam and it’s a perfect fit.

  99. Anonymous says

    can you tell me the length to cut the side piece if using the "Bonus" size on the pattern? thanks for sharing!

  100. Jane Bautch says

    Well, I know what my Grandsons are getting for their birthdays this year. I'll have to make it a bit bigger for the 14 year old. LOL! Maybe fill with beans instead of fiber fill?! We'll just have to experiment!

  101. Edie Kaufman Osborn says

    I love this simple design! I am going to make one for my home yoga room, I may make several lol. Thanks for sharing!

  102. says

    Love it! I found this last night and whipped it up this morning. I didn't have piping on hand but used a pattern for the circles and a solid for the rectangles. The one thing I did differently was to sew both circles on and leave the side open for stuffing. That was very easy to hand sew closed.


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