Tutorial: Calico Belt

Tutorial: Calico Belt
I L*O*V*E to wear solid colored T-shirts with my jeans.  It’s about all I own, so I’m always on the lookout for cuti-fied belts.
These belts are easy to make and don’t use up alot of fabric.  You could even do a patchwork belt for even more color and personality

Tutorial: Calico Belt
I especially like the ‘quilted’ look with the close stitch lines adding extra stability to the belt

Tutorial: Calico Belt
They have so much personality.  You can virtually build your entire ensemble around these belts by selecting complimentary jewelry to complete your outfit.

Tutorial: Calico Belt Tutorial: Calico Belt
They are versatile, wearing with the excess belt on the left…or the right

Tutorial: Calico Belt
I can’t wait to wear them with summertime shorts and capris…

Let’s get started!
Tutorial: Calico Belt
1/3 yard cotton quilting weight fabric
Quilt batting
coordinating thread
D-Ring Set

Tutorial: Calico Belt
Begin by measuring one of your own current belts.  Once you get your length, add 3”.  Mine was 39” so my cut will be 42”.

Tutorial: Calico Belt
If your cut measurement exceeds the width of the fabric, just add on a piece to make the inches up.
No matter your width, your length will be 5.5”.  So my final cut is 42” x 5.5”

Tutorial: Calico Belt
Basically we are making a large bias tape. 
1.  Fold the fabric piece in half wrong sides together, so you are making one long folded piece.  Press
2.  Open back up and see a nice crease right down the middle
3.  Take one of the sides and fold it up to meet the crease.  Don’t put it all the way to the crease, make sure to leave a smidgen of room for folding
4.  Repeat on the other side

Tutorial: Calico Belt
Fold over and press, making sure edges are nice and even

Tutorial: Calico Belt
1.  Cut your piece of batting to fit inside under one of the flaps (will be 1.25” and the length of the belt)
2.  Fold the fabric back over the batting
3.  Fold the belt over again
4. Pin to secure, making sure edges are even.

Tutorial: Calico Belt
1. Open one end up
2  Fold over about 1/2” and press
3.  Fold the inside flaps back into each other
4.  Pin to secure.  Only do this technique on one side!

Tutorial: Calico Belt
Edge stitch around entire belt beginning on the unpinned, unfinished side. Edge stitch on the edges 1/8” away

Tutorial: Calico Belt
On your second pass, use the presser foot as a guide to keep your stitching lines nice and straight.

Tutorial: Calico Belt
Once you get to the last pass, your presser foot should be right in between the two inside stitches

Tutorial: Calico Belt
Here i what your finished edge should look like

Tutorial: Calico Belt
1.  On the unfinished side, slide the 2 D-Rings over the belt.
2.  Fold about a 1/2” over
3.  Fold over again about an inch, this time sliding the D-Rings under to secure
4.  Secure with a line of stitching.  I back stitched a few times to make extra secure

Tutorial: Calico Belt
Enjoy your new wardrobe piece!

Tutorial: Calico Belt
Give some as gifts for your girlfriends, too!

Tutorial: Calico Belt

Don’t forget to post into the LWP Flickr group when you’re done so we can all see your handiwork  Tutorial: Calico Belt

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  1. says

    Love these, so cute! Thanks for the tutorial. I’ve got some left-over fabric from some bathroom curtains that I shortened and this will be the perfect project. No will know I match my bathroom curtains, right?

  2. says

    really cute. thanks so much for the tute! hope to make one soon. Love how it is simple and stylish to give your t-shirt and jeans a little flare!

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