Pumpkin Dividends

Pumpkin Dividends

I love pumpkins!  Not only do they exude the essence of Fall with their rich orange colors, but the aroma they give off while baking is one of those unmatched comfort-inducing scents that makes life seem grand.

Pumpkin Dividends

Making your own pumpkin puree is really easy and especially gratifying.  I use it in breads and muffins and even freeze some to use during Thanksgiving!

Get the recipe HERE


But wait…. there’s more!

Pumpkin Dividends

Why stop there?  Stretch that pumpkin’s usefulness even more by making your own pumpkin seeds.  I promise they are even better than what you can buy at the store.

Crunchy.  Fresh.  Garlicy.

Pumpkin Dividends

Get the easy recipe HERE

STYLO – Gardenia Dress

Cali Faye's Gardenia Dress sewn by Living with Punks

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$50 Fat Quarter Shop Giveaway!

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Kiwi Margaritas

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Tutorial: Living Autumn Hair Pins

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Polymer Clay LEGO Necklace

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Ash Play Suit

Ash Play Suit :: Sewn by Living with Punks

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Customized Scrabble Zipper Pulls

Scrabble Tile Zipper Pulls

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Fabric Giveaway!

Is she crazy? Giveaway of 7.5 yards of PREMIUM fabric from Living with Punks!

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Pyrogriphied Wine Cork Plant Markers

Wine cork plant markers using wine corks and a woodburing tool! Cool!

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