Nestlé Girl Scout CANDY?!

Who remembers their younger years and all the fun they had at summer camp?

Boy, I’d have some stories to tell if we were sitting around a campfire playing True Stories of Summer Camp Nestlé Girl Scout CANDY?!  Wouldn’t you?  I had my first butterflies-in- the-stomach experience at our local 4-H Camp.  Trust me: He was sooooo cute!

And the bunsen burners!  Oh, eggs off that little tin can were delish!   Those make-shift cook tops fostered in me a love for cooking at an early age.

Nestlé Girl Scout CANDY?!

I was recently asked to help out with a brand new campaign promoting Nestlé® Crunch® Girl Scout™ Candy Bars that are inspired by Girl Scout Cookies® flavors .  Of course I said YES!

Who’s gonna pass up testing that kind of goodness?!

Not only are the candy bars unbelievable, but Nestlé is committed to making summer camp a reality for girls this summer.   How cool is that?!

Come check out all the flavors available in my review, along with the fun and interactive way YOU can help this wonderful cause.

Click HERE for the FUN!!


***Even though I would purchase these candy bars by the truckload, I was given free candy bars and a fee for my words here.  They are all true Nestlé Girl Scout CANDY?!

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