Ash Play Suit

Ash Play Suit

I’ve been dying to sew this pattern up, but guys…. I have a confession.  I didn’t sew all. summer.  Geesh!

Summers are just crazy.  I always think sumers offer a few months of relaxation…I’ll get caught up on all these things that have been piling up, becuase you know – I’ll be home with the kids all day, right?

Well, life doesn’t always go as planned….

And I’ve learned to just roll with it…


Ash Play Suit

So, this is kind of a summery outfit. But, with where we live, summers tend to linger until about mid-October.

Ash Play Suit

The Ash Jumpsuit.  I love it!  I made the Play Suit version (shorts), but am eager to try the longer version and maybe just the pants alone.

Ash Play Suit

It really was a simple pattern to follow and with VERY clear directions.  I thought the elastic around the neck and arms/back was going to be a buger, but the way it is constructed is quite easy and not a ton of elastic is used.

Ash Play Suit

Ash Play Suit

It really is the ideal Play Suit.  Cool and comfy cotton is easy to move in and easy to keep clean.    I also love all the fabric selections that are out there.  I chose a cheapo Joann’s cotton and a contrasting navy ikat that I used on my pillows in the Sewing Space Makeover

Ash Play Suit

Ash Play Suit

Have you made the Ash?  Did you love it as much as I did?

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