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Do you ever make the mistake of thinking your kids will fit in last season’s clothes? I do. In fact, every year we go through the same thing: Kid tries on last year’s clothes. Kid comes out of the room in high waters and a shirt that is now a crop top. We all have a good laugh.

How do I miss the fact that they are growing like weeds? I guess I have this vision in my mind that they will always be the same size and forget that they are growing so much. SO much! It’s a little sad and a little exciting, all at once.


My twin boys have sprouted the most this past year. They are in that pre-teen stage where they still want me to tuck them in at night, yet don’t really want me around when their friends are at our house. Needless to say, they do not want me sewing for them anymore <sad face>. I might be able to sneak in the occasional handmade robe or Halloween costume, but for the most part, my sewing days are over with them. I’m okay with that. It’s like a rite of passage.

Another change? They’re finally getting into style and fashion. As small as this may seem, I love that they care about what color their shirts are now! It was just a few years ago when they would walk out of the house with red shorts, a green shirt, and a brown hat. I’d take a deep breath and let them run out the door, knowing all too well that the day would soon come for them to fret over their wardrobe. I love that I can shop at H&M and know that whatever I’m buying, whether it’s something I picked out or they did, they will wear it proudly and often.


H&M’s colored jeans are the best!  The boys love the softness of the denim and the colors are modern and subdued.


It’s easy to add stylish layers because every top, whether it’s a T-Shirt or flannel button down, is made with the softest fabric. Never stiff or unforgiving.




Man, I tell ya. They can do the tough guy look pretty good, don’t you think?


Then there’s this one. She brings so much balance to our family. How come the second or third kid always seems to achieve milestones quicker than the others? Maybe it’s because we were so hyper-sensitive to the first child’s discoveries and achievements that the following kids’ are not so easily noticed? Not to mention the busyness of our family. But sometimes, I just stop and look at her and can’t help but think about the very near future. And then I grab the nearest crayon, sit down, and color with her.

I’m a firm believer in age-appropriate clothing for girls. It’s difficult enough to keep them innocent and I love a clothing company that still honors that value. H&M’s sweet sentiment T-shirt graphics and age-appropriate clothing lengths keep me going back season after season.


Since I’m a product of the ’80s, of course this denim jacket is one of my faves. And, don’t you just love the lemon yellow denim pants? They are cool and comfortable enough to run and play in all day.



Oh, and did I mention the shoes?  So stylish and affordable enough that you don’t cringe when they outgrow them!


This cool cotton dress, and really any dress on their website or store, is so comfortable and breezy. Trust me. My kids can get cranky if there is any type of rough and annoying fabric against their skin. It’s like a miracle!  Reasonably priced fun and stylish clothes that are soft and wearable!  Win-Win!

Guess what?  I’ve got a fabulous coupon for you! You can now enjoy 20 percent off of H&M’s already affordable prices for kids – good through March 22, 2015!  To shop online, use code 2968 at checkout.

*This post is sponsored by H&M. All opinions and stories are mine.

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